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Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing: The Darling Essentials


Alter Brooklyn presents THE DARLING ESSENTIALS: a collection of necessary accessories curated by Darian Darling, available exclusively on

This "cheap & chic" collection consists of jewelry inspired by dark glaMOUR, nightlife and glitz, as well as Darling-esqe staple wardrobe items such as the Champagne Shadow sheer gloves, the Darling Beret and the Cabaret Diamond Tie.

When The Alter Boys (and Precious Empire members) Tommy and Roy propositioned moi with this idea I couldn't have been more thrilled! My fans have been asking for Darian Darling merchandise for quite some time. I thought curating an affordable selection of accessories inspired by my persona was the perfect starting point. I'm super excited to share some of my glaMOUR...after all I have enough to spare! Here are a few highlights:

We all know a lipstick feature is my thing. Here is a gem-studded lip ring in my two signature shades: red and shocking pink!

I love an oversize strand of pearls. The ones I wear are my mom's from the 70's but these are a close approximation. Wear them with this leopard cropped shirt for pin-up glaMOUR or with an oversize flannel shirt for a less prissy look. Compliment the look with a powder puff ring for easy touch-ups!

This bedazzled talon is perfect for late nights in fancy nightclubs. Also available in silver.

Add some strength to your look with this chic cuff inspired by Wonder Woman's Amazon Bracelets of Submission (twin bracelets Amazons are forced to wear by the goddess Aphrodite, as a reminder never to submit to the will of man)! I recommend buying two and wearing them as a pair. If you're feeling in an autoerotic mood wear this metallic and bejeweled noose!


A Darian Darling inspired necklace designed exclusively for The Darling Essentials by Semi Precious Weapons frontman Justin Tranter!

Photos by Tommy Cole for ALTER
Brooklyn, NY

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