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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Wonder Woman?!?

This is usually NOT the case but sometimes blonde isn't always better. Sacrelidge you say? Hey, we all know I'm a card carrying advocate of peroxide. However, blonde isn't always for everyone. Sometimes a sultry brunette has it better! Case in point: Wonder Woman! Having had raven tresses for nearly 70 years, Wonder Woman got bored of her look in 1974 and went  blonde......and it was NOT right!

This iconic superheroine was created in 1941, during World War II by Dr. William Moulton Marston, and is the first important female comic book character. Marston, a psychologist made famous for inventing the polygraph (lie detector), was also a staunch supporter of Women's Liberation and imbued the character with his beliefs. He created Wonder Woman as psychological propaganda for the young boys and girls reading the stories, showing a female archetype with all the strength and power of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful, peace loving woman. It's no surprise that when those boys and girls grew into adulthood in the 60's, the Feminist Movement burst into full swing.

Princess Diana

The origin of Wonder Woman is as follows: When the plane of US Intelligence Officer Steve Trevor crash lands on an uncharted island of immortal Amazon warrior women, the beautiful Princess Diana is chosen as champion of her race. She is sent to "Man's World" as an emissary to help fight for freedom and democracy against the wicked evils of man. Once in the States, she assumes the secret identity of Lt. Diana Prince, Steve Trevor's assistant and aide.  Blessed by the gods of Greek mythology, Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, speed and agility as well as limited telepathic abilities. Able to only glide on wind currents short distances, Wonder Woman uses her invisible robot  plane to fly (a product of advanced Amazon technology). One of the most magical things about Wonder Woman is that even her accessories have superpowers! Her golden belt is her source of strength away from her mystical island home, her bracelets can deflect bullets, her royal tiara can be used as a boomerang and her golden lasso has the magic ability to force people to tell the truth and obey her (remember, her creator invented the lie detector).

Diana Prince

It took over 30 years from her debut for a live action version of Wonder Woman to appear. In 1974, ABC produced a TV movie of the week as a pilot for a weekly series based on Wonder Woman. Now, you would think that the powers that be in Hollywood would have a bit of respect for a character with such history and longevity.....not so much! They cast blonde tennis star turned actress Cathy Lee Crosby in the title role?! Really?! While the basic premise of an Amazon princess leaving her island home to fight crime in the U.S. is in tact, the producers took liberties with everything else! It is a true re-imagining of the Wonder Woman concept.

 Wonder Woman

The plot revolves around Diana Prince, a U.S. spy codenamed Wonder Woman who works for Steve Trevor at an unnamed government agency. This highly capable but non-superpowered agent is sent on a mission to retrieve stolen code books containing classified information about U.S. field agents. Armed with her intelligence, bravery and Amazonian martial arts knowledge, Wonder Woman also had a collection of high tech gadgets at her disposal; an invisible spy plane, bracelets that contain homing devices, explosives, and can be used with the hidden golden rope inside her utility belt as grappling hook. And while she does don a patriotic uniform towards the end of the film, it by no means pleased viewers or fans.

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman

Now some could say this new version of the character was inspired by a brief stint in the comic book during the late 60's/early 70's, where Wonder Woman gave up her powers, moved to Greenwich Village in NYC, ran a mod boutique and became a globe-trotting, karate chopping adventurer a la Emma Peel in The Avengers. While the film was not a complete ratings disaster, the producers did not move forward with a series.Thankfully, ABC executives went back to the drawing board and a year later, in 1975 a new TV movie pilot hit the air....this time starring the statuesque, brunette beauty queen Lynda Carter in the familiar costume. Based entirely on the original concept, the producers firmly distanced this from the prior film by calling this second attempt The New, Original Wonder Woman. It was a runaway hit and eventually went to series, which lasted 3 seasons from 1976-1979. The brilliant casting of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman is possibly the BEST example of an actor completely personifying a superhero role. While there have been several Supermen, Batmen and Spidermen, Hollywood has been unable to find another actress suitable for filling Lynda's patriotic bustier.....and the new Wonder Woman film has remained in pre-production limbo since 2001.

 The only time the Cathy Lee Crosby version appeared in a comic book was in 2006, as a Wonder Woman from a parallel universe.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I've had a deep seeded obsession with the Wonder Woman character since I was 4. She was the catalyst for my love and appreciation of strong, beautiful and powerful females who can kick ass in high heels. Didn't I do a good job of figuring out how to talk about her on a blonde themed blog?

Do blondes have more fun?

Or do brunettes do it better?


  1. Wonderful post!

  2. Remember Underoos? I used to have the Wonder Woman set and always wanted to wear it without my clothes over top...still want to!