Monday, May 31, 2010

Blonde Brunch glaMOUR!

If you follow my blog/Twitter you must surely know I LOVE brunch (see here --> NYC Unlimited Mimosa Brunch = Drunk Trainwreck glaMOUR!)!! NYC does brunch like no other. We play brunch like a sport. It's true. Now that summer is here I rounded up some of my peeps; the glamorous Amanda Lepore and a gaggle of my gays and hit the town in full looks, prepared to drink ourselves silly! Thanks to my new favorite blog I ♥ Brunch, I have discovered a new all-you-can-drink jam: Vamos! on 1st Ave in Gramercy. It's a Mexican joint that has an unlimited frozen margarita drink special for only $6!! I do love a champagne mimosa....but I love tequila just as much! The entrees are all cheap too and way tasty! They have yummy Mexican choices like huevos rancheros along with traditional brunch items like Eggs Benedict and pancakes (but with a Latin flair). I had a chorizo, bell pepper and jack cheese omelet that hit the spot and the guacamole was bitchin'! The brunch option is fairly new to Vamos! so it wasn't over-crowded or loud...which was quite the perk! My posse and I caused quite a stir and I believe we commanded everyone's attention (shocker). Feeling ourselves and our tequila buzz we hit the streets for an impromptu photo shoot and general life living.

Wanting to continue the pAArty, the HOUSE of BaD kIDs!'s Richard Kennedy and I headed down to Rivington Street and took advantage of Bondi Road's drink special: $20 for all you can drink in 2 hours!! Rough. After a disco nap at his place in Harlem, we headed back downtown to dance our asses off at Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny's VANDAM, then meet back up with Amanda at Hiro. If that wasn't enough, we ran into Kelle Calco outside and followed him back to Rivington Street and to my favorite bar, St. Jerome. I blacked out by this point but I do remember taking swigs off his tequila bottle! I love winning at life!

Blonde brunch glaMOUR!


 Just a quick hormone pill pop!


Girls and the gays!

Taking over!

mother's milk

Starting to get sloppy!

 Watch where you walk, 'cause the sidewalks talk

If you can't stand the heat then get off my street

Oh, the fucking glaMOUR!!

Jordan, what big eyes you have!


A motley crew!

Latino luvin'!

Post no bills

Granny WASN'T ready!



 Bigger #mess!


with my boo Shawn and Tyler Stone at Hiro!

Mandy in red....Jordan in corset.

Where it all began!

I ♥ Kelle and Ian El Dorado!

Starting to loose control!

Tara Foxx = gorge!!

Oh's Daiquiri!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Venus!

Blonde Beauty Icon Venus

Oh, I love comic book heroine's from the Golden Age of Comics (late 1930's to late 1940's). They all just had so much glaMOUR! One of most glamorous characters was Venus, first published in 1948 by what would become Marvel Comics. The series was based on the goddess of love and beauty Venus (Aphrodite) from Greek and Roman mythology, who dwelled in a castle at Mount Lustre on the planet Venus. Bored by her life in outer space with her handmaidens, she came to Earth to walk amongst humanity, minus most of her godly powers. Shortly after descending to Earth, Venus assumed the identity of Vicki Starr, and took a job as a journalist and editor at Beauty Magazine in New York City. Her editor at the magazine, Whitney Hammond, didn't believe her claim to be the goddess Venus, but he believed it would be good publicity for his magazine. To prove her worth as an editor to Hammond, Venus recruited ten of her handmaidens (including Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Salome) to come to Earth as part of a Beauty Magazine project focusing on beautiful women, thus beating the line-up in their rival publication Lovely Lady Magazine. Venus soon began a romance with her boss, which angered his fiery secretary Della Mason, who was secretly in love with him as well. This of course led to lot's of drama, backstabbing and catfights at the office! Through the course of the series, several mythological figures appeared, including Hercules and Zeus and various other Olympians, Satan, and Norse gods Thor and Loki. Venus began as a light-hearted humor/fantasy series, but as the series continued, its focus shifted towards darker fantasy and horror themes. It was canceled in 1952 after 19 issues and faded into obscurity. Luckily, glaMOUR never dies!

Goddess on the mountain top ....burning like a silver flame 

The summit of beauty and love...and Venus was her name

I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire

The most glamorous beauty editor

 She's got it! Oooh baby, she's GOT IT!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Jerry Hall!

Blonde Beauty Icon Jerry Hall

I don't think anyone could epitomize 1970's high fashion and disco glaMOUR better than supermodel Jerry Hall! She was discovered sunbathing on a beach while vacationing in Saint Tropez and quickly moved to Paris. Jerry moved in with singer and fellow model Grace Jones, and they became fixtures on the Parisian nightlife scene, where the pair performed a risqué cabaret act in clubs and parties. When she was booked to shoot the cover for Roxy Music's 1975 album Siren, she began a romance with lead singer Bryan Ferry and later appeared in his solo video, "Let's Stick Together". In 1977, she met The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger at a party in NYC, and they quickly began dating, becoming Studio 54 regulars (which would eventually lead to his breakup with wife, Bianca Jagger). Her striking looks, statuesque amazon physique and long blonde mane made her one of the decades most respected (and referenced models)....can't you see why?!

 It's a Ver-SAY-ce!

 Sashay! Shante!

Oh, the glaMOUR!

Why would anyone want to wear any other makeup look but this?!?!

Tip: your swimcap should match your towel.


 Every girl should have a photo of themselves in this pose.


Let's discuss this dress...


Boudoir bitch!


A swimsuit and heels will NEVER go out of style!

Mirror mirror!

 I love a hot pink 3 piece!

 Hair! Face! glaMOUR!


 The woman in red!

 Walk, baby!



 Just a casual evening with friends.....

I LOVE a vintage shampoo commercial!