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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: X-era Kylie Minogue!

Blonde Beauty Icon  X-era Kylie Minogue

I have recently re-visited X, the 10th studio album from Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue. This album was my jam when it was released in November 2007 but I haven't listened to it in ages. I usually obsess over an album for months and months....then have a bad breakup when I find something new. Not only does the album contain some amazing electropop tracks produced by Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris and Cathy Dennis, but the looks Kylie served for this album were quite possibly life changing! The makeup looks for the album, videos and promotional shoots were all created by club-kid turned editorial darling Kabuki, who I have had the pleasure of working with on numerous occasions. He truly is a genius and I am always baffled by how his mind works. The album was very popular in her native Australia and in the UK, and even received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Album. X also had some great B-sides and unreleased demos, like her cover of Roxy Music's "Love is the Drug"....that you can find online if you're clever! Feast your eyes and ears, kids!

Plastic, mesh and hours of painstakingly applied dots!

Blond Ambition

Geisha Glam!


Lash Out!

A vision!

This dress is EPIC!

I mean....really?!?



I'd say WOW!


Turning Japanese!

Satin sheets are VERY romantic...what happens when you're not in bed?

Excuse my french!
Life changing!



  1. Love the first photo

  2. that leopard spot like make up photo is just stunning. i have to say though, she has some amazing 80s era style. and also, remember that did it again video? so 90s but fab!