Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rockin' Radio City with Semi Precious Weapons and Lady GaGa!

If people are wondering why I haven't updated my blog in what seems like an eternity, here's why: I have been having WAY too much fuckin' fun! Semi Precious Weapons and Lady GaGa made a triumphant return to NYC and played Radio City Music Hall....4 times!! Pretty major! Not only was I doing Justin's makeup at the shows, but SPW shot 3 music videos while in town, two of which I did makeup for (along with Justin's other long time makeup artist Jenny Brown)! I was also a guest star in one of them (along with the rest of the Precious Empire: Lady Starlight, Breedlove, Knehans, The Joce etc.) and one I just got drunk!

We did all the normal things you do when you've been gone from NYC for 5 months: lots of brunching at our favorite spot, Relish in Williamsburg, several post-concert after-parties (the one at the Hudson Hotel will go down in the history books for most amount of free Veuve consumed. I mean, it was LEGENDARY! Oh, and the fact that Lady Starlight DJ'ed a heavy metal set during a bridge & tunnel hip hop party was ALSO legendary!), shopping sprees and 4am deakfasts. Good Times!

Oh, and as far as my look was concerned....I jettisoned my previous Blond Ambition looks from my Southwest tour experience for some straight up Hair Metal looks a la Lita Ford and Janet Gardner/Vixen! All it took was a little weave and some denim! PEACH!

Just for laughs: SPW, Lady Starlight and Lady GaGa, drunk at REBEL in 2007. There always seemed to be a trend of the boys pouring or spitting alcoholic beverages on GaGa's tits! This is the old-school GaGa we all knew and loved...HOT MESS! I mean, the girl didn't write a #1 pop song about being blackout drunk without experience! Oh, and if you want to buy that beaded fringe bra top GaGa is wearing can do so at Lady Starlight's boutique CONSUME

Just a quick Radio City snap!

Outside Radio City with SuperFans Ryan and Laura, who run and They are very young, very excited and VERY sweet!

I love drinking on the job!

This really happened!! As Lady Starlight, DJ Deejay and I were leaving Radio City to go to Starlight's DJ gig at the Hudson Hotel, a drunken fan was being kicked out for bad behavior. Well, after getting in our car, as we're driving down 51st...he walks right in front of us, FULL FRONTAL ATTACK!! The papparazzi went wild when he proceeded to hump our car and the car next to us! Hysterical!

Sticky with champagne!

After the 3rd Veuve MAGNUM I lost count!

Lady Starlight and I with Ryan from and

The dress I'm wearing is WRONG on so many different levels: it's lame`, it's spandex, it's ruched AND it's sheer...oh and backless?! Eeeewwwww!

Flyer for the video shoot!

My look for the "Semi Precious Weapons" video: Lita Ford + Jem and the Holograms = Vixen! The bustier is a custom piece Lady Starlight made for me incorporating slightly outdated technology...CD's!! The full sequined jacket is, well.....WRONG!!

PEACH is the new fierce!

Temporary tattoos of Justin's face!

Taking a Bud Light break during filming! Because I have class!

Possibly the best photo EVER!!

Cole can turn ANYTHING into a poncho! It's a gift!

The Joce giving a 1992 Fly Girl look! YES! makeup by Moi.

I think Knehans should be required to NEVER wear a shirt EVER again!

Jenny Brown is my hero!

Naughty 90's Neutrals!

....another break. I promise I did work at this shoot!

Dan....still a P-I-M-P!

Jenny Sok-n Fuck.....or as I like to call her "Troubles"!

....and here is where Stevy almost broke a water main!


I love that this photo of Breedlove and I was featured in the Village Voice, to entice readers to go online to view the entire photo gallery from the shoot.


If and when I release a dance pop album....this will be the album cover!

Another after party at The Spotted Pig...there was a NY Times reporter following us.....READ IT!

Beating that face!

It's all about a peach brow highlight!

I found a pole and I'm using it!

The Joce getting fresh while we wait for GaGa to start.

Ready to ROCK!

My favorite part of all of this? I discovered the alcoholics Juice Box; Sofia-Champagne in a can WITH straw!

Winding down after a fun filled evening with a bottle of Veuve in my GaGa tour crew Snuggie.

The Joce and I having fun shooting while the boys shoot!

Don't call me Babe!

I love Justin's face almost as much as I love my own!

This is what happens when you're at an all day video shoot, not doing anything but drinking champagne!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Dolly Parton!

Blonde Beauty Icon Dolly Parton

Dolly, Dolly, DOLLY!! Yes people, Country music superstar Dolly Parton is probably one of the most famous blondes in the world! She grew up a "Backwoods Barbie" in the smoky mountains of Tennessee, and first broke into the Nashville music scene in 1967 with a single, Dumb Blonde (although she had been working as a songwritter for a few years prior). She released a string of top ten singles, and two shot to Number 1 in 1974,  Jolene and I Will Always Love You (later covered by Whitney Houston for the 1992 film The Bodyguard, also a Number 1 $ingle). She also tried her hand at acting in hit films like 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias. She was the third most photographed person in the world during the 80's, behind only the Pope and Madonna (as Dolly said in her autobiography, not the Madonna usually associated with the Pope). Over the last 50 years, Dolly has had over 25 Number 1 singles and a record breaking 41 Top Ten Country albums!! She's known for her vast collection of blonde wigs (she even had her own wig line in the 90's), a penchant for pink and purple eye shadow, a LARGE bosom and her naughty sense of humor. She loves makeup, glamour and rhinestones....and even has her own theme park!! Who's donning a floor length sequin evening gown and coming to Dollywood with me....?

Bob Mackie?

"You`d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!" -Dolly Parton 


"If I see something saggin`, baggin` or dragin`, I`m gonna have it nipped, tucked or sucked." -Dolly Parton

Misty Lady!

"I modeled my look on the town tramp." -Dolly Parton

Not only a good bleach.....but a good song too! Uuuhhh, can we talk about that jumpsuit?

That Wig!?

"There`s a heart beneath the boobs and a brain beneath the wig." -Dolly Parton 


"I`m not like a real person. I love being artificial. I think there`s a little magic in the fact that I`m so totally real, but look so artificial at the same time." -Dolly Parton  

Obviously this was before lacefronts.

"I`m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I`m not dumb. I also know I`m not blonde." -Dolly Parton

Blonde's have more fun!

Love her!

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” -Dolly Parton

Get into some fuckin' denim, people!
"It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen."

This makeup is telling a SERIOUS story! I love a pink crease!

Platinum blonde on blonde! 

The best little whore in Texas!

"I`m like a cartoon! I`ll look this way when I`m eighty. I can see it now, people will be rolling me around in a wheelchair and I`ll still have my big hair, nails, my high heels and my boobs stuck out!" -Dolly Parton

Shwerk it!

"I describe my look as a blend of mother goose, cinderella, and the local hooker!" -Dolly Parton

One of my favorite movies in the world and my first exposure to Dolly! Watching this as a kid fueled my passion for naughty 1979/80 secretary looks, nude hosiery and taupe footwear!

Bling bling!

"I've never left a RHINEstone unturned" -Dolly Parton

The best Frederick's can buy!

"I like to buy clothes that are two sizes too small and then take them in a little." -Dolly Parton 


"I was the first woman to burn my bra - it took the fire department four days to put it out." -Dolly Parton
Dolly's outfit in this skit is a MUST have....pearlescent peplum and all!