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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Lita Ford!

Blonde Beauty Icon Lita Ford

Originally getting her start as the lead guitarist in 70's all-girl teenage rock band The Runaways, Lita Ford became Metal's most glamorous dose of estrogen in the 80's! Her debut solo album, Out For Blood was released in 1983 but it's title single failed to chart. She didn't find commercial success until her junior album, 1988's Lita which featured slick arena rock/pop-metal hooks and the #5 hit single Kiss Me Deadly. Armed with killer pipes and a vast array of "specialty" guitars, she was what every late 80's skank and rock stars girlfriend aspired to look like. Let's face it; her fashion choices defy the boundary's of good taste (thank Jesus!)....and unlike say, Samantha Fox (who was a pop tart masquerading as a rock star), Lita was a true Metal Queen in every sense of the word!

The outfit is amazing BUT is that guitar is made from a locomotive?!

Biker chic!

Black Widow!

 This is one of my signature go-go songs, whenever I dance at Lady Starlight's metal parties!


Crimped hair? CHECK!

Don't get distracted by the catsuit...that is a fucking Stoli VODKA guitar?!?!

 Rock'N Roll never looked so beautiful!


Fog machine in effect!




  1. I love Lita, she looks hot and she can play the guitar too. I saw a vh1 special where she said people are always asking who does the guitar solo in Kiss Me Deadly. Lita, duh!
    I can't wait till The Runaways movie comes out!

  2. That ain't no car engine Boo-Friend, that's a locomotive! #hardcore

  3. I used to want hair like that so bad...

  4. That's the 80's for you. Been there and done that.


  5. If I closed my eyes foreeever...

    Also, please do one on Doro Pesch too!

  6. She did skanky 80's right! Love it!

  7. She is so HOTTTTTTT!!!