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Monday, January 4, 2010

Haircolor Trendwatch 2010: Pop Art Blonde!

Let's be realistic, in the world of blonde hair; yellow is anathema. We spend our hard earned cash to ensure our blonde stays pale and pure. We tone away brassiness, maintain the fight on lemon and use neutralizing violet shampoos and conditioners like they're going out of style BUT.....should we? Maybe we should embrace this oh so disrespected sunny hue and go atomic! It's quite the unexpected choice. It looks punk rock extreme and yet gives off an aura of Technicolor glamour. In the 30s, 40's and 50's, movie studios often had their black & white promotional photographs hand colored, which gave blonde actresses bright yellow tresses. It can also be seen in cartoons, in the pages of comic books, pin-up art, and in the work of pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein. Give up the fight and go glow!

Jean Harlow colorized publicity still
Blondie comics

Peter Driben pin up art

Barbie doll

Roy Lichtenstein art

Debbie Harry

She-Ra catoon

Cyndi Lauper

Miss Guy

Amanda Lepore

Vitamin C


 Gwen Stefani

Lady GaGa

Bright As F@#$ Yellow hair dye by Special Effects

As someone who was a teenager in the 90's, I definitely dabbled in the world of extreme hair color. This is by far and away the BEST funky color hair dye on the market! It's a conditioning, semi-permanent cream formula that stays brighter and lasts longer than any other out there. Apply it to dry, freshly shampooed, UN-conditioned bleached hair and leave on at least an hour, longer if possible. The color will last 2-6 weeks (depending on hair type), gradually washing out with each shampoo. Oh, did I mention this color glows under black light?!

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  1. I lived for years in the glow of tennis ball yellow green hair.
    Loves it!!

  2. haha i love all the pictures you have...i would try it but i have black hair so it might not work so well. oh well i'll have to live vicariously through others that are as brave as you!

  3. I am a brunette, but these pictures make me want to try a different look! BTW, I have just discovered your blog, and I think it's great! I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! xoxo

  4. i am a total fan of not toning my blonde and having the bright yellow glow. i only just did a tone the other day and already miss the yellow tinge!

  5. what a FABULOUS idea for a blog! Makes me proud as a blonde to know I'm in such good company.

    Debbie Harry makes yellow hair look surprisingly good.