Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the Road with Semi Precious Weapons and Lady GaGa!

I'm really lovin' life these days! When your friends turn into music stars...everything seems to get more exciting! I was already planning a trip to Vega$ to hang with Semi Precious Weapons and Lady GaGa for their shows at The Palms. Then Justin told me he wanted me to do his makeup for SPW's new music video that was shooting in L.A a few days afterward, so I might as well come along while they tour the Southwest! WORD!! Armed with my makeup kit and a slew of early 90's Blond Ambition inspired looks....I hit the open road.....on a tour bus!!

PS. SPW's rider requests 3 bottle of champagne and 2 bottles of Jack in the dressing room for each performance....do the math!


Lady GaGa.....brought to you by BEER! Fitting!

The splits....in 4" stilettos!

I wasn't the only one giving Blond Ambition!

Amazing SuperFans!

To give you the full picture....I was wearing spandex cycling shorts shaping underpants!

I'm with the DJ


I'm a booth bitch!


Nothing like a little champagne in the morning!

Give Good Face!

Great interview and look at the tour bus! I wasn't aware there was a camera on the interviewer so I ended up in the shot...oops.

More adorable SuperFans! A Lady GaGa show is kinda like being at Rocky Horror. Yes, I said it!


Filthy glaMOUR!


The makeup palette; Naughty 90's neutrals!

Cole is a party animal!

Dan is a P-I_M-P!


We go a little nuts with bottle service!

My girl Julie!

Yeah, sometimes you dance drunk on a bar! What?

Jimmy's got moves!

Was Vega$ ready for us?

Bringing the NYC party to Vega$!

Into The Groove!

If I see a pole I just can't help myself!

 I looked even more drunk in person!

Crowd surfing!

Nice boots! Wanna fuck?

Strike A Pose

Dominatrix Rapunzel


3am Deakfast and trash talkin' over pizza!

Sometimes you take the most iconic shot.....drunk in a photobooth!

Ahhhh life!

Can you believe some guy thought we were hookers? ;)

Giving champagne to minors!

Gay Sphinx


Getting HAMMERED at the afterparty at The Standard!

Jenny Sok-N-Fuck is TROUBLE! She made sure I ALWAYS had a full drink in my hand!

....and here is where I decided to drunkenly give a impromptu lyrical dance performance and humped the landscaped shrubbery!!

A beautiful sight!

EPIC day! I was SO HUNG OVER from the previous nights festivities and humping that shrub!
Rock'N Roll Xmas

Late nights

Yup, this is my job! Jealous?

Club MTV 1991

Gaultier on acid!

The Precious Empire Xmas Card

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Barbie Suite @ The Palms in Vega$!

The next time I'm in VEGA$.... I want to stay at the Barbie Suite at The Palms!! This real life Dream House was designed by interior decorator Jonathan Adler to celebrate Barbie's 50th Anniversary in 2009. It's really the ultimate girlie-glam bachelorette pad, perfect for the wildest Vega$ debAAuchery imaginable. Featuring over 2,350 square feet, 50 person party capacity and room to sleep 8, the delectable suite's amenities include a two way fireplace, full bar, steam shower and jacuzzi! The price? Only $4000 a night! For that much I expect Ken to be naked and waiting for me.....

The suite features lots of custom Barbie pop artwork.

Black vinyl is SO classy!

Corset chairs....love that Barbie print fabric!

Life in plastic.....it's fantastic! 

Mirror mirror.....Oh, is that all?

You can never have enough Lucite furniture!

The Master bedroom.

Pink velvet everything, please!


The powder room. I love the metallic wallpaper.

I would at least expect a pink toilet!

A stripper pole in the shower? Why not?