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Friday, December 4, 2009

Backstage in Boston at Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour!

Lady Starlight and I were supposed to be in this shoot, but couldn't because of scheduling conflicts. :(

It's finally starting to hit me that my friends are actually famous! It feels like just yesterday that I watched Lady GaGa and Lady Starlight open for Semi Precious Weapons in a venue that smelled like piss....with an audience of 20 people (that we all knew)! I have just returned from Boston's Wang Theater and watched the same show (only backwards) in front of 5,000 screaming fans! Woah!

Lady GaGa and the Starlight Revue vintage flyer May 2007!

Justin and GaGa (I miss her being drunk and a mess) 2007

The original Magnetic Baby video! Look out for Lady GaGa, decked out in her Starlight-styled stripper gear pouring a 40oz on her tits (and on Cole)!!

On Wed morning, Breedlove, Alex Magnetic and I left NYC by plane and flew to Boston to meet up with our peeps. It was almost like being on a really long cab ride as the flight only takes an hour! We had a pump in SPW's amazing, real live rock star tour bus then headed over to the venue...and straight to the champagne! GaGa came and met us for SPW's soundcheck and we got to have a kiki and catch up. Her life is pretty much scheduled down to the second, so you kinda have to appreciate whatever time you get to spend with her....however brief it is. It's always nice when she comes home to NYC and we can actually go have dinner like normal people but even that is getting harder and harder to do. I refrain from taking photo's with her because  a. I have nothing to prove and b. EVERYONE in the world wants a piece of her! The Grammy nominations were going to be announced that evening so we were all excited to hear if she would get about 5!! Song AND Album of the Year?!? She freaked! We freaked! NYC Blonde Takeover!!

Justin's onstage costume change and nude Wolford hosiery brought on some controversy as he looks butt ass naked from a distance! The Wang Theater was where Jim Morrison got arrested for indecent exposure, so of course we were all hoping for an arrest....but alas no! ;) After the shows, we all went across the street to Encores Piano Bar, where Justin performed for tips every week during college!! He gave an unplugged performance of Leave Your Pretty To Me, an AMAZING new ballad on SPW's forthcoming new album! LOT's more champagne and then back to the airport to catch our 6am flight home! What a great 24 hours!! In 2 weeks, I'll be joining up with the Family for their VEGAS shows, so stay tuned for that EPIC story!

Like any good rock star tour bus.....they have a mirror on the ceiling!

Filthy GlaMOUR!




Chillin' backstage!




Blonde GLAMbition: Darian Darling, Justin Tranter, Alex Magnetic and Jenny Brown!

Did you know we're related?

Backstage, waiting for GaGa to go on!

My peeps!


GaGa gave me, Starlight and Breedlove the BEST shout out during her monologue for Beautiful, Dirty, Rich! This video of course cuts that part out...does anyone have the full version?


Gettin ready for Meet and Greet Luvin'!

Always remember your roots, people!

Still workin' it at 4am!



Airport Glamour!

Get Loub'ed up!

How do I look?

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