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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pubic Hair: Your Carpet Should Match The Drapes!

 Don't be embarrassed, ladies! It's OK. Are you worried what people will think at that oh so intimate moment of truth....that you're NOT a natural blonde?!?! If you're going to bleach the hair on your head to a luscious shade of blonde.....shouldn't your carpet match the drapes? Marilyn Monroe was a firm believer in this! If you're not a gal that features the popular Brazilian wax, this product is right for you!

BLONDE betty bleaching kit from Betty Beauty

This is pretty genius! It's specially formulated for the hair "down there" and includes natural ingredients such as elder flower, cherry bark, chamomile, comfrey, rosemary and aloe as well as special conditioners not found in current hair color dyes. The ammonia free, no-drip crème formula ensures that when used correctly, betty color won’t run into your sensitive area. It's gentle enough to use on your arms and face as well. Use it to feel blonde all over! glaMOUR!

Buy it at Betty Beauty

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  1. where might one purchase this helpful product? i don't think i've seen it at the local beauty supply........