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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blonde Movie Star Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace!

.....and I thought MY Pussy Palace was fierce! 50's bombshell Jayne Mansfield had a real life Barbie Dream House all her own, and she called it The PINK Palace! She bought a Mediterranean-style, 40 room mansion in Beverly Hills in 1957, and had the entire thing painted pink! She decorated it by requesting free samples from a number of furniture stores and building suppliers, saying that it would be great press for them, as the house was likely to be photographed. She received over $150,000 worth of free merchandise while paying only $76,000 for the mansion itself! Get it, girl!!

Yes, her front gate featured her initials!

My dream car!! The Pussymobile?

Perfect feature for entertaining? That's a CHAMPAGNE fountain in front of the window!!!

Another key feature? A balcony, perfect for dramatically greeting guests!

The cozy family room featuring a mirrored ceiling, pink lame' curtains and a bear skin rug! What else would you decorate it with?

Ultimate example of vanity: a wall with nothing but photos of yourself!

The boudoir! Don't you know black satin sheets show all the stains, girl?

Yes, that IS a heart shaped, gold gilt pink marble bathtub!

.....and yes, that IS wall to wall, floor to ceiling pink shag carpet!

Before cell phones you just had to have a phone in every room!

Rub a dub-dub!

Just your casual, business office. It's like living inside a giant tube of red lipstick!

The nursery! Sugar sweet!

Her newlywed husband, a former plumber/carpenter turned professional 
bodybuilder built the heart shaped swimming pool as a wedding present!

Of course he had "I Love You Jayne" inscribed on the bottom! Now THAT is love!

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