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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NYC goes to LA and back again!!

Well, let me admit I'm STILL recovering from my whirlwind weekend to LA with Lady Starlight and Semi Precious Weapons! It involved an airplane, a change in timezones, history being made, LOT's of champagne, drunk Marines, handclaps in storage closets with Michael Jackson studio time receipts, not wearing pants, Aqua-Net on the Sunset Strip, faulty fog machines, Ebola, walking down Hollywood Blvd while people assume you're a hooker, hanging out in a recording studio where every important album has been recorded, getting busted by club security with contraband champagne, dancing on stage at The Viper Room in front of a room full of music executives,  Class of 1998, 4am Deakfast, another plane, Sunburnt Cow, Judy, LOT's more champagne, molesting strangers, St. Jerome.......phew! At least I can say I LIVED! the studio!

 Had too!

The Viper Room = Most 90's Establishment EVER!

 Sometimes you have to make tour merch on the fly in your dressing room!

Sometimes you get your bra caught in your fishnets!

Sometimes you meet up with a friend from high school you haven't seen in 11 years!

Sometimes you change your look on stage.

Sometimes you titi-fuck yourself with a microphone!

NYC Rock'N Roll takeover! 


@ Deakfast at The Standard with the family!

Terrorizing the LES for Sunday Drunk Brunch!

  ....and sometimes you put on a mask and do a  lyrical dance performance in your friends living room!

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