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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Morgan Fairchild!

Blonde Beauty Icon Morgan Fairchild

Brace yourself! Get ready for the AMAZING looks of Morgan Fairchild! She was a 70's/80's TV actress famous for being fabulous! She got her start on the hit soap opera Search for Tomorrow, where she starred as the maniacal, mentally unstable yet gorgeous Jennifer Place from 1973-1977. She then became a professional "Guest Star", appearing on a plethora of vintage TV hits including Police Woman, Happy Days, Dallas, Magnum P.I., and Falcon Crest. She was known as a total fashionista, and judging by these looks.....I'm not going to argue! There are some choice, rich bitch looks here!

One of each please!

Pink brow highlight to match the pink satin sheets!

More people need to wear lingerie as day wear!

Excuse me?!

This! NOW!

I need frosted hair and a french cut one piece!

Before the invention of shine serum!

Was this her Sheena audition?

40's retro was HUGE in the 80's!


Fuck me with your stirrup pants!

I'm ready for this to make a comeback!

Has she been in my closet?

No glove no Love!

Gold Rush!


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