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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Sheena!

Blonde Beauty Icon Sheena: Queen of the Jungle

Move over Tarzan! There is a buxom, bikini clad blonde hot on your trail......Sheena: Queen of the Jungle! Created in 1938, Sheena is the most famous heroine in the "Jungle Girl" comic book genre. Orphaned in the wilderness of Kenya, Africa as a small child, Sheena was raised by a witch doctor and had the ability to telepathically communicate with wild animals. A skilled fighter with lighting fast reflexes, she was trained in the use of spears, knives and bow and arrows. Sheena spent most of her scantily clad time fighting Nazis, poachers, industrialists and slave well as villainous lions, gorillas and natives. She also had a hunky boy toy sidekick in the series named Bob, who was always in danger and in constant need of rescue. Quite popular with her teenage male readers, the character received her self titled series in 1942, and stayed in print until 1954

In 1956, Sheena was adapted into a syndicated action TV series that lasted one season. Starring the statuesque pin-up model Irish McCalla, she performed all her own stunts and wrestled mechanical a cheetah print bikini! Naturally athletic, she was discovered by studio execs on a Malibu beach while throwing a bamboo spear. This show was quite ahead of its time in regards to the subject matter; women on 50's television were all housewives who's time was mostly spent cleaning in pearls NOT beating up bad guys in a loincloth! Groundbreaking!

Bush Glamour!

There is still time for brow shaping in the bush!

I'm sure the 50's TV censors had a field day with this costume!

"I couldn't act, but I could swing through trees on a vine"-Irish McCalla


I got me a blade! I cut you!

On the prowl!

In 1984, Columbia Pictures released a film based on Sheena that starred ex-Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts. A campy hybrid of action/adventure and soap opera romance, the movie was a box office bomb but has become a cult classic on VHS and DVD. Tanya, who naturally had auburn hair, bleached her hair for the role. I think she looks unbelievably amazing as a tanned blonde in the flick and she'll agree....she's been blonde ever since! Her body is BANGIN' in that suede leather loincloth! This almost makes me want to reach for some self tanner.......almost.

Her hair was NOT this big in the movie and I'm NOT happy about it!

Suede is cool...but I miss the spots!

Hanging with friends!

The huntress!

AHHHHHHHH! This shot makes me wet!


In 2000, Sheena hit the small screen in yet another syndicated action series, this time starring Baywatch alum and Playboy Playmate Gena Lee Nolin. Quite the guilty indulgence and featuring cheesy late 90's video effects, the series is in the same vein as Xena: Warrior Princess or La Femme Nikita. Sheena receives a new power in this version: the ability to transform into any animal she locks eyes with! Quite lasted for two seasons! Gotta love late night cable!

Playboy jungle

I'm surprised they didn't have her in a leopard print thong?!

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