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Monday, October 5, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Torchy Todd and the Girls of Bill Ward!

Blonde Beauty Icons Torchy Todd and the Girls of Bill Ward

Best know as a leading artist in the Good Girl Art genre, Bill Ward graduated from Pratt Institute in 1941. After being drafted into the military, he created the Cheescake comic strip character Torchy Todd for Fort Hamilton's newspaper, where he was stationed in Brooklyn. She proved to be so popular with the troops that she was syndicated to Army newspapers worldwide! A voluptuous ditzy blonde, Torchy often found herself in humorous, mildly risque situations with pervy older men. She made her comic book debut in 1946 and received her own solo series in 1949. After cancelation due to content restrictions by the newly implemented Comics Code Authority, Ward started illustrating "gentlemen's humor magazines". His striking black & white telephone series I die for! The girls are so hot.....glossy lips, greasy eye lids, platinum hair, rather large, um...."assets". A charming look back to an era where glamour (and sexual harassment) was still very much alive.

Boosting wartime morale!

Love on the Telephone

"Well, if you really don't know how to thank me for a great evening...I have a suggestion!"


Silk Stockings


"Miss always seem to look better that ever on breezy days!"

Touch-up glamour!

 All hands on deck!

Hey sailor!

Nice dress!

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