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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Cheryl Ladd!

Blonde Beauty Icon Cheryl Ladd

Once upon a time there were 3 little girls who went the the police academy.....and one of those girls was Cheryl Ladd! Given the daunting task of replacing superstar Farrah Fawcet-Majors after she abruptly left Charlie's Angels at the end of the first season, Cheryl won the hearts of viewers with her bubbly portrayal of Kris Munroe; the kid sister of Farrah's character Jill. She proved to be so popular with the public that she remained an Angel for the rest of the series run (1977-1981). Written as a gullible, naïve rookie, her character matured as the series progressed and she became quite assertive and glamorous. Frequently going undercover dressed in a string bikini, she somehow always manged to conceal a handgun. Now that's a real detective! Originally wanting to be a singer, Cheryl parlayed her newly found fame into a record deal and released a Top 40 pop album in 1978. When the series ended, Cheryl went on to act in over 30 made for TV movies and a few feature films, including the 1992 erotic thriller Poison Ivy starring future Angel, Drew Barrymore.

Ash blonde hair with matching fur!!

Brick red lips, dark teal eye liner, salmon blush.....on your temples. Now please!

Brown was the color du jour in the 70's!

The Fredrick's of Hollywood Disco available at American Apparel!

Obviously the key to "Angelic" hair!

What is happening here? Not a diffuser....I know that much!

A little gold lame` never hurt anyone!

Disco Pants strike back!

Return of the Disco Pant!

A string of bikinis!


Miss Scarlet!

Seriously, is her hair always windblown? I need to carry a high powered fan in my purse at all times!

Ready to workout!

Yes, this was pop music in 1978! The video effects, makeup and styling choices are a sight to behold!

A leather jacket with no shirt!

A baggy sweater and thigh high boots. A staple of any wardrobe!

Not a flatiron....just an iron!

A lilac brow highlight is key!

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