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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Best Liquid Liner! They're a Red Lipstick's BFF!

Nothing looks more classic with a vivid red lip than inky black liner. A favorite of movie starlets, pin-up girls and rockabilly chicks, liquid liners rose to prominence in the swinging 60's when featured on mod supermodels like Twiggy and Peggy Moffit. Barbie featured it. Madonna of course. Gwen Stefani? Check. Any $tripper would rather be caught dead without it!

From a makeup artist standpoint I prefer to use a brush with a liquid or creme product for perfect precision. On myself I tend to be a bit lazy and prefer a self contained pen liner. They can be pretty hit or miss: smudgy, uneven, or fade to grey.....NOT the look! Here are my favorites:

Rich Black Front of the Line PRO Liquid Liner by LORAC

This is the BEST liquid liner I have ever used! The tip is actually a flexible synthetic bristled brush which features a unique automatic delivery system. It provides a clean, precise application with ultimate control; you can draw thin or thick lines with ease. The color is superblack and stays shiny after it dries!! It's long-wearing and water-resistant too!

Buy it at Sephora

Teal Blue Doe Eyed Felt Eyeliner by Sephora

This is your more traditional felt tip pen liner. What I'm crazy about is the teal blue! The pen stays moist with product and is super long-wearing. Be prepared to rock blue eye shadow for a few days.....or SCRUB! A small price to pay. It's only $12. Why not?

Buy it at Sephora


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