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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blonde Nights: San Francisco Edition!

San Francisco. I was born and raised there. I left 8 years ago and never looked back. Watching movies like Desperately Seeking Susan, Eyes of Laura Mars, The Wiz and The Warriors as a small child on late night cable fueled my desire of obtaining a glamorous NYC life full of excitement and danger....and I have! Sometimes however, it is nice to make a grand homecoming and return to this misty city on the bay! As a fab bonus, key members of my NYC crew were in town.....Semi Precious Weapons AND one of my favorite lesbians Zoey (who is the bartender at Lady Starlight's party Rock Disco). I was glad to have her around, not only to help bring some NYC edge to SF but also because....the girl can P-A-R-T-Y!

On Tuesday I met up with her in The Mission (which has had MAJOR gentrification since I was here last). We went to this amazing Peruvian joint called Limon which had KILLER sangria!! Two pitchers later (oops) and we were off to LIME (there was an unintentional citrus theme) in The Castro where our friend Sony works. I love knowing bartenders....they always hook a girl up! Polished off several mango martinis, so many in fact that I actually had to eat.....CARBS! Grilled cheese with tomato soup dip! Hit up Q Bar for $1 cosmos and more laughs. I was proud for NYC peeps....they played Lady GaGa AND Cazwell back 2 back! 

The devil!

NYC Street Style comes to SF!

LIME. I'm always down for retro 60's decor!

Darian Darling with cocktail at LIME on Castro, San Francisco




Q Bar

Lezzie Love!


Wednesday was the SF date for SPW's gig on the Perez Hilton Presents Tour. It was pretty special because they played at legendary SF venue The Fillmore Auditorium. Open since 1966, The Fillmore was THE hangout for the psychedelic counterculture and hosted some of the biggest names of rock: Janis Joplin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Greatful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin....I could keep going! It's major. I showed up early with several bottles of champagne (which matched my outfit BTW), some Blonde Lorelei cupcakes and Justin, the boys and I did it up real big! Great fuckin' show! I danced my ass off! SPW debuted a new song called "Statues of Ourselves" which is very special to me. You'll hear why when they release their new album.


Justin Tranter, singer of Semi Precious Weapons puts on makeup

Darian Darling and Semi Precious Weapons Justin Tranter backstage
Soul Siblings!

Semi Precious Weapons pose with a fan gift: Soap
SPW SOAP?!?! Fans are amazing!

Semi Precious Weapons Justin Tranter shows his underwear
Tights by Wolford!

Over 40 years of music!

Semi Precious Weapons Cole Whittle shirtless backstage
Shirtless pics of Cole are always a good thing!

After the show,  Zoey invited me to The Make Out Room in The Mission. She was heading back to NYC and this was the last big blowout. Then the most magical thing happened! Who should be DJ'ing but one of my BFFs from high school, Danielle?!? I love when shit like this happens! She has been throwing this party, Stay Gold for 5 years and it's awesome! If you're in SF, GO and bring a look!

Solid Gold!

Brunettes like red lipstick too!

Cherry Bomb!

In the morning I scraped my jet-lagged ass out of bed and met up with SPW for brunch. Now, we are used to NYC where brunch and champagne is free flowing well into the afternoon.....any day of the week. SF not so much. I did some investigation and discovered Toast in Noe Valley.....IN LOVE!! Brunch all day long! They crowd was a bit yuppie and there were a ton of strollers parked outside when I got there BUT they had french toast made with god damn croissants?!!? Is that not the dirtiest thing you've ever heard! Me and the boys were pretty hung over so we all ordered it (except for Justin who is always sensible). Champs, sweetie!!! I love being drunk by 1:30 on a Thursday!

Possibly the BEST place in SF for brunch!

Fat Hungover Whore Special!

This really happened!

So did this!

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