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Friday, October 2, 2009

Lady Lovely Locks: rock'n roll hair tips from Ladyhawke!

Blonde Beauty Icon Ladyhawke

 I have come to the conclusion that Ladyhawke has the best hair!!! I had the pleasure of hanging out with this indie synth-rock chanteuse backstage at the San Francisco date of the Perez Hilton Presents Tour with my boys Semi Precious Weapons. Originally from New Zealand, she burst onto the US music scene with her hit single "Paris Is Burning". Not only does she write all her songs BUT plays guitar, drums and synth on the tracks too! She has great rock fashion sense and gives a serious 1992 grunge look! Now, what would you expect two hot blondes to chat about? HAIR of course!! She is blessed with an amazing hair texture and doesn't do a damn thing to it....just let's it air dry! She did however give away a few secrets to obtaining the perfect rock'n roll hair: only shampoo once a week but rinse as needed. Dry shampoo is a must! Don't fuss....wash it and go! Styling made simple.

Flannel is making a serious comeback!

AMAZING song!! I got to dance on stage with the SPW boys during her performance of this track! 

Can you believe no curling iron? I'm J.

Playing with hair accessories!

Her faves!

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Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Matt Explosion
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