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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Drew Barrymore!

Blonde Beauty Icon Drew Barrymore

I miss the early/mid 90's Drew Barrymore! Before she became the queen of cutesy, cuddley romantic comedies or a karate chopping Angel....she was a teenage tramp! A notoriously troubled child star with Hollywood royal heritage, she was a Studio 54 regular,  a drunk AND a cokehead by the time she was 13! After a successful stint in rehab, Drew cleaned up her act and returned to work. Her comeback role? A manipulative, teenage Lolita with a murderous streak in the 1992 erotic thriller Poison Ivy. A box office bomb when released, the film has attained cult status thanks to late night cable and VHS. It is one of my all time favorites. Drew was so good and convincing as the psychopathic seductress "Ivy",  I'm not sure why she's chosen not to play more villains. She did play real-life "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher in one of the many 1993 TV biopics, as well as a suicidal, bi-polar teenage runaway in the 1995 Gen-X drama Mad Love. Her looks were so good during this era; trashy bleached blonde hair, leather jackets, too much eye shadow, lot's of skin. I guess we all grow out of our rebellious, teen angst. Damn.

Looks like trouble!

My default makeup look!

What a skank!

Barrel curls!

Oh, a blow out!

Pale is the new tan!

Crushed velvet! It's coming......

This look never gets dull!

Vacant and smoking!

 Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Does wearing pearls make you classy?

Dark lips, pale skin and no blush!

Those John Lennon sunglasses were SO BIG in 1992!!

A 30's retro moment!

Nice vinyl bag, girl!

A mature look!

These hotpants. NOW!!!!!!

 Daisy of Love


Cyndi can you hear me?

Guess what?

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