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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Elizabeth Montgomery!

Blonde Beauty Icon Elizabeth Montgomery

To celebrate tonight's Halloween festivities, I bring you my vote for most glamorous blonde witch...Elizabeth Montgomery! Starring in the long running and much beloved sitcom Bewitched (1964-1972), she played Samantha, a witch who tries to behave as a normal suburban housewife after marrying a square mortal. With a gaggle of magically meddling family members and nosey neighbors, situation comedy and zany hi-jinks ensues. I loved this show as a kid and it's a wonderful time capsule of a lighthearted and less cynical era. I'm twitching my nose as we speak......

Good Witch!

Glam gams!

The prrrrfect cat eye!

Naughty negligee!

Fluff it!!


Magical beauty bar!

Show it, girl!

Black leotards and pantyhose....a classic look!

Move over Glinda!

Vogue Magic!

Not your average housewife!

Fosse! Fosse! Fosse!

Bleachjobs and Broomsticks!

No need for witchcraft when there is Clairol!

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