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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls!

Blonde Beauty Icon Elizabeth Berkeley

When child stars grow up, they usually rebel in a really big way. Saved By the Bell's Elizabeth Berkley did it by starring in the gorgeously provocative trainwreck, Showgirls! Classically trained as a ballerina, she was a teen model with Elite before she started pursuing acting roles. In the film she plays Nomi Malone, a very ambitious, desirous woman with a mysterious past who goes to Las Vegas with the dream of becoming a showgirl. Surrounded by controversy during its release in 1995, it is the first and only NC-17 rated film to be granted a wide release in theaters. Brutally panned by critics for the excessive and graphic sex scenes, poor Elizabeth was nearly crucified for her performance and her career never fully recovered. Through the wonders of home video, the film became one of MGM's top 20 bestsellers creating over $100 million of revenue! Featuring hysterically quotable dialog and high gloss sleaze, Showgirls is regarded as one of the best worst movies ever made.

I truly believe Elizabeth is genius as Nomi and it's my all time favorite movie.....EVER!! I've seen it so many times I've lost count and I never get tired of making fun of it. It never get's old! Her looks in the movie are unreal; Spandex, lame`, sequins, leather, lace. Stripper chic never looked so good! Her hair? Trashy, CURLY and blonde! Embrace it, curlfriend! The makeup? It looks like a MAC counter barfed on her face. Nomi, I love you!

V is for.......

Private Dancer!

SeXXX Kitten!

Gold lame` tiger print!!!! YEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!

A demure look: satin sheets and a rhinestone panty bottom!

Morning after hair!

Nomi gives good pole!

Grapes and classy!

The Movement of the Dance


Naughty Girl!

Spice lip pencil overdose!

Hey Nomi....I LOVE your nails!

Blonde all over!


You are a whore, darlin'!

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