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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blonde Hair Extensions Do's & Dont's! They're unbe-WEAVE-able!

Darian Darling and Lady GaGa at St.Jerome, Rivington Street, NYC

Let's hear it for some fake hair, ladies! Women have been using hairpieces and extensions for centuries. The massive bouffant coiffures popular in late 18th century France were supplemented with extensions and decorated with powders, pomades and other ornamentation. In the 1960's, the trend for beehives and other large, teased styles required the use of "falls" to achieve great heights.  In modern culture, the use of weaves and bond in extensions have become the norm. Show me an actress, model, $tripper, or singer that doesn't partake in some fake hair!

After seeing possibly the WORST weave EVER on the subway last week, it prompted me to share knowledge with the world. Here are my rules and pet peeves on weaves. For all my blonde sisters out there....take notes!

1. If you are a white girl, you need to use hair from a white person. Duh! 

Most hair you find ready made in stores is either Asian or Indian. Now, if you are a sista', you can get away with this since your natural hair texture is coarse. If you are a white girl, why in the hell would you use Asian hair? The hair shaft is too thick and the end result will look like you have doll hair. If you are blonde it's even worse! To get naturally BLACK Asian hair blonde requires the complete stripping of all pigment, then a special coating to mask the damage. Sure it feels great when you first put it in, but washing it removes the coating to reveal the fried mess it really is. You can only get away with using it for a few months and then throw it out. It's disposable hair.

a. Italian 

This is the hair I personally use. It has a medium texture with a lot of body with ends that are full and blunt. It varies from a slight body wave to a wavy texture. It's ideal for girls with naturally wavy/curly hair. It also straightens beautifully and holds curl like a dream.  

b. European 

This hair is a fine texture, super silky and pin straight. It's perfect for those Nordic, ice princess blondes. It doesn't hold curl so only go for this option if you have naturally straight hair.
2. INVEST!! Don't settle for cheap hair. Skip meals if you have to. 

Buying the highest quality hair is the best thing you can do! Why would you rock Louboutin's or a LV handbag yet have cheap hair on your head? I can understand if you only use clip in pieces for a special occasion but if you have them sewn or glued in? Actually I take that back. There is no excuse for cheap hair. A telltale sign of cheap hair is excessive shedding. Good quality hair wefts shouldn't do this.  Look for wefts that are triple re-enforced. I spent over a months rent on my extensions BUT I've been using the same ones for almost 2 years and the hair still looks amazing. You get what you pay for! I get my hair from Extensions Plus in LA. This is where everyone who's anyone get's their hair; Tyra, Beyonce, Oprah, Donetella etc. You KNOW these women know where the good hair is. Hair from anywhere else is unacceptable. Thank you.

The Gift that keeps on giving!
Darian Darling's blonde hair through the years 
                                             2007                                          2008                                                       2009

3. Color Matching! PLEASE!

The heinous subway weave in question was on a blonde girl. She had a brassy, broken pixie cut with 3 month roots and a few extra-long tracks glued in back that were 5 shades lighter, matted into dreadlocks and dangling for dear life. WHY?!?! I wish I took a picture. If you're going to indulge in fake hair, it needs to match perfectly. Either get it custom blended or take it to the salon and have it dyed. A foolproof method; match your extensions to the color of your ends.

4. Know your expiration date!

Having extensions requires upkeep! You have to get them re-done AT LEAST every two months. Three months MAX! Any longer requires an intervention.



  1. Urgh that Britney photo is hideous!! What was she thinking?!
    Colour matching is definitely the key, if it's the wrong colour you have no hope.
    Love the first photo!
    Great post doll x

  2. This is a great post! Someone had to say it. But I can never find extensions that last for more than 2 months. I'm sick of my disposable shit!
    You look gorgeous in all of these photos!

  3. Girl tell it!! I mean I don't rock a blond weave but when I get them done the wig must be tight, good hair, and matching!! A weave/extensions are on the list of "Things you don't skimp on!"
    Britney should be ashamed of herself to think about walking out the house like that!
    And that time limit...if you think you're looking ragged just get it re-done!!