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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NYC Unlimited Mimosa Brunch = Drunk Trainwreck glaMOUR!

I don't know what it is about brunch that makes New Yorkers wild.....but this early afternoon treat certainly makes us want to pAArty! There are many delectable brunch spots in the city with options for every demographic; high class shwank, down'N dirty sleaze, homemade quaintness....I like to dabble in all of them. One special treat NYC has to offer is the All You Can Drink Brunch! Unlimited champagne mimosas. It's pretty dangerous. There are several places that offer "Drunk Brunch" and I'm a regular guest star at all of them. One of my favorites is The Sunburnt Cow on Avenue C in the East Village. I've been coming here for years and it's totally trashy and fun. The place is always PACKED  with peeps and the wait staff are all Australian and gorgeous. My friend Kirsten is the hostess with the mostess and also being a fellow blonde.....she hooks a sister up!! Excessive amounts of strawberry tequila shots are a favorite perk.

I met up with my peeps Zoey, Kawika, Michael Anthony, Anastasia and Judy at 1pm and we got down. DOWN!!! Drinks for days. I usually get the Bush Benedict (eggs Benedict with bacon) or Queen Adelaide (eggs Benedict with avocado and salmon) but I was feeling low on iron so I went with the steak sandwich. Good choice. We had a run in with a group of testosterone pumped drunkards who spilled drinks on us....but we made friends later. They were all cute so know. After drinking our selves silly we cab'ed it over to the Meatpacking District and went to the Gansevoort Hotel's rooftop bar. It was a gorgeous October night so it was perfect. Quick stint at G Lounge and then a spin around Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny's party VANDAM at Greenhouse. I do believe Greenhouse has the best interior design of any club I've been to in YEARS! A sea of crystal prisms on the ceiling is involved!

In recap: brunch started at 1pm and ended at 3am......rough. Hence no blog post yesterday. In recovery.

Alphabet City pAArty


Basking in the sunroof!

Steak sandwich = YUM!

Unlimited booze + drunk ex-frat guys = drama

Cheers , sweetie!

Blonde Brunch!
They always seem to hire the most gorgeous Australian bartenders!

Jealous? Good!


Darian Darling strikes a pose
Feeling myself!

When you drink like a make new friends!

Madonna's mid-80's brows have nothing on homeboys here! 

Love connection?

 You know how I feel about neon lighting!

I like boys!

So drunk I didn't care I was hanging over a 20 story railing! Perf!

Strike a pose!

Eyeliner and cigarettes!

I'm a Barbie girl!

Where is Judy?

Channeling Patsy! 


Lipstick love!

Man whore!


Darian Darling and Kenny Kenny at VANDAM, NYC
Kenny Kenny I love!




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  1. those are some babes! haha. i love that 'feeling myself' picture. looks like a total glamour shot!