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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Every Barbie deserves her Dream House: glam NYC Interior Design!

Darian Darling in her NYC apartment

My Better Homes and Gardens cover shoot!

Barbie's Dream House
Don't be jealous Barbie!

Barbie has a Dream House. I have a Pussy Palace. People that I've only recently met, when they see my apartment for the first time say "I can't imagine your apartment looking any other way". I can't either. I put a lot of thought into each and every item in my Palace. I moved into this space in March 2008 and had everything pretty much done in 2 weeks (thanks to the lovely help from Mom). I did however drive my co-workers a little nuts by asking their opinions on paint swatches, couch colors and such. Let's go on a tour, shall we? I basically set out to create my own hyper-feminine and ultra-glam pop art world. A real life little girl's doll house....only I'm the doll NOT the little girl.

Darian Darling's living room
Lucite Dreams!

This is my living room, which has a retro 60's/80's modern flair and was inspired by the trashy beauty salon I used to go to as a kid. I have been obsessed with the color gray for a few years now and had been rocking gray nail polish that I custom made WAY before cosmetic companies started releasing it. It's a lovely neutral, VERY chic and really makes any other color pop. I chose hot pink and fuchsia as the accent colors for obvious reasons, plus a little black and white to break up the monotony. This also helps to co-ordinate my collection of Patrick Nagel artwork, who's subjects always had jet black hair and white skin. The room isn't huge so a Lucite coffee table serves it's function, yet floats away into the background. A little purple neon light never hurt anyone, either!  Most of the furniture is from Ikea or CB2, with the exception of the pink chair, which is a vintage piece from the 60's.

 Darian Darling's kitchen
My Suzy Homemaker hot pink kitchen!

Darian Darling with Barbie Loves MAC Cosmetics mannequin
The mannequins actually use the original vintage Barbie mannequin head mold,
which Mattel used for display in toy stores when Barbie Doll launched in 1959! 
The black and white Barbie mannequins are very unique and special. I got them in 2007, when I was still working as a PRO Artist for MAC Cosmetics. For the Spring color launch, MAC teamed up with Mattel for the Barbie Loves MAC collection. The mannequins were produced in small quantities for window display purposes in select MAC stores and were discarded after the season ended. Well, I know a goldmine when I see one.....I snagged one of each as they were on the way to the dumpster! I had to be at the MAC SoHo store at 8am to pick them up and as I was standing on the corner of Spring St. and Broadway, trying to catch a cab/van, I noticed that tourists were snapping my picture from every direction! I'm sure it was a sight to see!

Darian Darling's boudoir
Satin sheets are VERY romantic.....

 I wanted the boudoir to have a completely different feeling, more girlie and romantic, while still being grown up, glamourous and sophisticated.  I had always wanted a pink bedroom, but didn't want it to look like I was living in a bottle of Pepto-Bismol or was a 6 year old child. I ended up choosing a icy mauve which looks AMAZING next to my skin and is a prominent color in my wardrobe. My best home decorating advise is to paint your bedroom a color that you look fabulous naked in....it will do wonders for your sex life! I also wanted to include a slight shabby chic element, but without all the tacky, country grandma florals. All the furniture I purchased on eBay, and are all antiques dating from the 1870's-1930's. The Rococco settee and boudoir chair actually have their original dusty pink velvet in tact! The mauve satin duvet cover and plethora of decorative pillows are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Darian Darling's vanity
The panty pink fringe curtains I also procured from a MAC window display! Waste not want not! 

I am also a firm believer in the cardinal rule of Feng Shui: no TV, computer, stereo or other electronic equipment in your bedroom. It should be a place of meditation, beauty and solitude.

Darian Darling's vintage Barbie doll collection
No electronics....just Barbies and books!

My last bit of advise: when decorating a room think of it like any great outfit....it should include color, texture, pattern and SHINE!

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  1. Love your decorating style! You've done a great job with this space and I am so jealous of your mannequins.

  2. I love the fluoro lightning bolt across the Nagel print. Did you buy this custom made or do this yourself? Brilliant.

  3. love it! have you seen the barbie collection by debbie curtis?



    If I knew how to post a pic in a comment I would, they would be perfect in your place!