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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NYC Blondes are taking over the world Part 1: Lady GaGa!!!

That's right kids! The blondes from New York City are on FIRE!!! This Sunday my girl Lady GaGa gave a killer performance of her single "Paparazzi" at the 2009 MTV VMA's. "Paparazzi" was one of her original songs she performed with Lady Starlight back in 2007 and one of my favorites. Then she won 3 awards including Best New Artist!!! YES! Cheers, sweetie!!

How many pop stars bleed on live television?

Watching the meteoric rise of a girl you used to party with on the LES, going from brunette obscurity to the top of the platinum pop's really fucking rad! I can only equate it to what Madonna's friends thought when she went from a brunette rocker chick on the LES to MTV pop royalty. Its wild!

I told GaGa this was performance was giving me Phantom of the Opera meets the scene from Showgirls where the bitch with the braids throws the rhinestones on stage to trip the bitchy black dancer and Cristal Connors flies up in the air. She lived!
After the VMA's Lady Starlight, Breedlove and I went to GaGa's after party at Avenue. The paparazzi and fans were in a feeding frenzy! It was insane. People were screaming, crying, click, click, flash, flash! We walked the red carpet with her and she introduced us to the paparazzi as "her best friends in NYC who all created art and performed together...the original crew". It was pretty magical. The paparazzi couldn't get enough of the GaGa/Starlight reunion. Sadly, Breedlove and I are apparently on the F-List because we were cropped out of all the pics?!? Bastards. I guess when Katy Perry, Diddy, Akon, Nicky Hilton and that douche from The Hills are in attendance.... our stars don't shine quite as bright in the paparazzi's shutter eye. Eh.  We went inside, straight to our VIP section and the free booze. Celebratory champagne and shots of Patron for everyone. Clink. Clank. Cheers, sweetie.  We rolled out around 3:30am and had "deckfast" (the elusive meal somewhere between dinner and breakfast) at 7A.

Lady GaGa and Lady Starlight at MTV VMA after party NYC
The Ladies!

On Monday, the German TV crew for TAFF (German version of Entertainment Tonight) was filming more footage for their follow up segment on Lady Starlight at Fashion Week, so Breedlove tagged along to represent. They did the Tents, Milk Studios and I joined them for Marc Jacobs at the NY Armory. We met up with Perez Hilton after the show and went with him to the OK Magazine party at Griffin Lounge. A lot of these parties can get pretty douchey and getting drinks spilled on you is never glamourous. Personally, I could care less if I meet Kim Kardashian. I'm so NOT a starfucker. I just happen to have friends that are now famous. My plan of action is always to drink as many free drinks as possible, have a quick kiki and GTFO (get the fuck out)!
In a cab, on our way to the OK Magazine party.
Darian Darling poses at SoHo Grand Hotel NYC
 Cocktails at the SoHo Grand.

Post party champagne at the SoHo Grand courtesy of Dara and then off to the V Magazine/Marc Jacobs party at Hiro, where GaGa was performing her cabaret piano act. Sadly kids, even when you personally know the biggest star in pop music.....sometimes it's still a shit show trying to get in. Marc Jacobs hasn't thrown a Fashion Week party since the economy crash and it was pretty much a mad scene. "EVERYONE" is on the list. Like always, everything got sorted and we made it inside just in time for her performance. Once there we made the lovely acquaintance of Mark Sheppard, not only a fierce bitch but also a style editor for W Magazine. GaGa and Starlight weren't the only Ladies in attendance.....Lady Bunny was DJ'ing the event. How many blonde divas can fit under one roof? I'm not sure what was occurring before the show started but when people started to clear out a bit, there was broken glass everywhere....and I was wearing gold metal stiletto strappy sandals! Not the best combo.

Lady Miss GaGa doin' her thing!

Drama Queen!

Lace body stockings are the new jam! I wonder if it's crotchless?

The FAME! 

Her blood soaked VMA costume. They had it on display under glass!

NYC drag legend Lady Bunny!

Me, the lovely Mark Sheppard and Lady Bunny!
photo by Patrick McMullen

Darian Darling at Lady GaGa/Marc Jacobs/V Magazine fashion week party, Hiro NYC

Self referential garments are the future.


  1. Way overrated. Boring music and very Grace Jonesy, Dale Bozzio and whatnot.

  2. this is awesome! i love your blog. and i agree. blondes are taking over.