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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red lipsticks are a Blondes BFF!


Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than when I wear a bright red lipstick. I not only love the attention it brings me but also the strong image it evokes. Throughout history, only the most beautiful and confident women have dared to wear this crimson shade of power and beauty. Can you imagine Marilyn Monroe without her trademark seductive, glossy pout? Or Debbie Harry, Madonna and Gwen Stefani for that matter?

I've been blonde since I was 15 and wearing red lipstick just as long. I've also been a makeup artist for 10 years so I have seen A LOT of red lipsticks.  I'm not of the opinion that there is a "perfect" red or that a fair complexion can only wear a blue based shade. It all just seems so silly and outdated. I HATE beauty rules. They're all so pedestrian.  Here are the best options and my glam favorites:

Darian Darling applying red lipstick
Blond Ambition glamour at 15, Nov. 1995                 Still ambitious at 27, Nov. 2007

 Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick by MAC

Those looking for movie star blue-red should look no further than this vivid shade. Inspired by MAC's best selling Russian Red Lipstick (worn by Madonna on her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour), this lipstick features the original MAC lipstick formula which made the brand so famous. It is also closer in color to the original 90's Russian Red, which has consistently grown darker and less vibrant over the years. This lipstick is VERY matte, so for easier application apply a bit of lip balm first.

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 # 17 Red Muse Rouge Volupt√©' Lipstick by YSL

This luscious lipstick is the signature red of blonde bombshell Amanda Lepore and believe me, this woman knows true glamour! It's a beautiful, clean red that is a true balance of cool and warm tones. Featuring a satiny smooth texture and a high shine finish, it has become the winning replacement for my absolute favorite red that was discontinued. Bonus feature: the tube features a tiny mirror on the lid for easy touch ups! Gorgeousness!

Buy it at YSL Beauty


"Wearing red lipstick and being blonde is the best discipline for looking beautiful. Men will always want to kiss you and expect your lips perfectly painted"-Amanda Lepore

Lady Danger Matte Lipstick by MAC

Not for the faint of heart, this nearly neon orange-red is a personal favorite. This lipstick is so bright in fact, it's only available at MAC PRO industry stores or online. You know this color is dangerous if it's kept away from housewives and soccer moms! It features a velvety matte finish and goes on creamy and smooth. Traffic stopping!

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Cherries In the Snow Super Lustrous Lipstick by Revlon

First released in 1953, this rich, raspberry shade was the best selling red of the era. It's proved to be so popular that it has stayed in production ever since! It's perfect for those looking for a violet-red hue. It has a creamy, glossy finish and fades to a cherry bitten stain. There is also something so magical about the heavy, powdery fragrance featured in this tube. True vintage glamour!

Buy at

Jungle Red Semi-Matte Lipstick by NARS

Inspired by the infamous "Jungle Red" nail polish featured in the classic 1939 film The Women, this shade is the brands top selling lipstick. This spicy color is served up red hot, and features a long lasting, velvet texture and is non-drying. It looks as though you've been gnawing at someone's throat! Beauty is pain!

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  1. Darian! This is rather late, but I was so inspired by this entry that I bought almost every reccomendation! (Non MAC of course). Keep doing it up MA'AM