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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Christina Applegate!

Blonde Beauty Icon Christina Applegate

Nobody made looking like trash look as good as Christina Applegate! Starring as blonde airhead Kelly Bundy on the long running sitcom Married... with Children, she worked some of the raunchiest late 80's/early 90's rock hoe looks EVER! And let's not forget her starring role in the 1991 cinematic classic Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. It's a personal favorite! "I'm right on top of that Rose"!

No blush and red nails...when is this coming back?

That's right!


 Available at American Apparel 

Peach brow bone and a headband....perf!

Slut Chic!


Bolero jackets? Sign me up!

Floral prints with a crucifix? Why not?

Also available at American Apparel 

Does GlamourShots still exist? I think I need one....

Crushed Velvet! I do believe American Apparel is selling this as well.....jeez!

Sue Ellen

The fit of those jeans?

Business Woman Special

 That blouse with that lipstick!

 Blurry but important; that dress with those stockings and the emerald green Docs?

Where to start? Those earrings? That hair? The lapels of that jacket? Uhhhhmmm.....the print of that blouse?

Oh, embroidery!


Surely the best scene in the movie; unacceptable fashion show!

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