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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Madonna!

Blonde Beauty Icon Madonna

In celebration of today's release of her new greatest hits album Celebration, I bring you my idol, the undisputed Queen of Pop: Madonna! Yes, we all know her Cinderella story: a 19 year old mid-western girl comes to NYC with $35 and the dream of fame and superstardom. After hustling for years by working odd jobs at Dunkin' Donuts, posing as a nude model and playing guitar and drums in rock'n roll bands on the LES, she finally found success in the post-disco club scene and rose to the top of the charts, becoming one of the most successful recording artists of all time. By consistently re-inventing her look and sound with each album, she has managed to stay relevant with the changing trends in the fickle world of pop music. It's been over 25 years since her debut, and the woman still shows no sign of stopping!!

I first became obsessed with Madonna at 10 when I watched her Blond Ambition Tour on HBO. I remember being awestruck by this highly theatrical and sexual woman who obviously had major Catholic issues. My kind of girl! She has been a huge inspiration in my life ever since and really shaped me as a person. She taught me to speak my mind, be myself and not give a fuck what other people think or say about me. Always one to be counted on to bring a serious look, she has majorly influenced my fashion sense as well. Here are some of my favorite Madge images, a lot of them rare and all shot by some of the biggest photographers in the industry...

The beginning!
photo by Gary Heery 1983

Freshly bleached! 
photo by Gary Heery 1983

Her futures so bright, she's gotta wear shades! 
photo by Gary Heery 1983

That's a interesting sillouette! 
photo by Steven Meisel 1983

80's neutral makeup!
photo by George Holz 1984

When is a deep purple brow highlight coming back?
photo by Kees Tabak 1984

Clean skin!
photo by Francesco Scavullo 1984

Not quite a virgin! 
photo by Steven Meisel 1984 

Desperately Seeking that jacket!!
photo by Herb Ritts 1985

Just teasing!
photo by Francesco Scavullo 1985

The mane event!
photo by Steven Meisel 1985

  The most glamorous chemical haircut!
photo by Herb Ritts 1986

Ultima II! 
photo by Alberto Tolot 1987

Who's that girl? 
photo by Herb Ritts 1987

photo by Alberto Tolot 1989

Strike a pose! 

She obviously needs to read my blog on the wonders of toner!
photo by Helmut Newton 1990

Make me Breathless! 
photo by Patrick Demarchelier 1990

Gold'N Gaultier 
photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino 1990

photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino 1990

Fun with collagen! 
photo by Patrick Demarchelier 1990

photo by Steven Meisel 1991

 photo by Steven Meisel 1992

I'll teach you how to FUCK! 
photo by Steven Meisel 1992

Did Jesus wear lower lashes?
photo by Wayne Maser 1992

photo by Wayne Maser 1992

Disco Heaven! 
photo by Steven Miesel 1993

Experimenting with piercings!
photo by Andy Earl1994

The hair! The makeup! The nails! This changed my life!
photo by Bettina Rheims 1994

photo by Bettina Rheims 1994

Studiofix overdose!
photo by Patrick Demarchelier 1994

It's a VerSAYce!
photo by Steven Meisel 1995

Evita audition!
photo by Steven Meisel 1995

Ms. Peron! 
photo by Mario Testino 1996

Hindu Pink Flamingos!
photo by David LaChapelle 1998

Dark wash denim!

Even cowgirls get the blues!
photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino 2000

How huge was dirty denim?
photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino 2000

80's punk retro!

One in every color please

Touched by the hands of god! 
photo by Steven Klein 2002 

Her favorite boots.
photo by Steven Klein 2003

Gettin' wiggy with it! 
photo by Mario Testino 2005

Helping to bring back dance wear!
photo by Steven Klein 2005

Disco 2000! 
photo by Steven Klein 2005

Confessing on a dancefloor!
photo by Steven Klein 2005

Jesus must like this move!
photo by Steven Klein 2005

Burn this disco down!
photo by Steven Klein 2005

I had that hat!
photo by Gilles Bensimon 2005

Re-visiting Dita!
photo by Steven Klein 2006

Love this Chanel glove!

Coming full circle!
photo by Steven Klein 2008

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