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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lil' Blonde Darling: Supergirl!

Blonde Beauty Icon Supergirl

Unlike other superheroines like Wonder Woman or Batgirl, who's costumes have pretty much stayed the same for decades.....Supergirl was a fashionista! Always one to follow the latest trends in superhero couture, she changed her look every few years to reflect the constantly evolving cultural fashion aesthetic . Blondes like to shop. What do you expect? First introduced in 1959, Supergirl was the long lost cousin of Superman and they had the same powers. In her secret identity of Linda Lee Danvers, Supergirl wore a brunette wig to disguise herself. Later in the series, she used a special comb to change the molecular structure of her hair to switch from curly blonde to straight brunette! WORK!!!

1959: Sandra Dee to the rescue! 

1970: When her costume is damaged, Supergirl heads to NYC to shop for new looks with Diana (Wonder Woman) Prince,  who had lost her powers and was running a chic Mod boutique in Greenwich Village. The reality was a contest, giving readers a chance to submit their original costume designs for inclusion in the comic.

1970: Experimenting with mod mini skirts and thigh high boots.

1970: Leggings, a tunic and ankle boots. It's certainly an "interesting" look.

1970: A sexed up bustier with a hair flip!

1971: You can't go wrong with a spandex unitard!

1971: Working a mid-calf pirate boot with a wrestling belt.

1972: Hot pants, a tucked in blouse and ballet flats. This was Supergirl's jam! 
She wore this look for over 10 years!

1975: She did however switch things up with knee-high boots

1983: Let's Get Physical headbands, shoulder pads and a perm. RAD!

1984: The costume Helen Slater wore in Supergirl:The Movie is considered to be her iconic look. 

1994: She wore it for 12 years straight!

1998: Gwen Stefani bangs, chunky heeled boots and a baby-T! 90's!!!!

2005: A skimpier version of the original look.


  1. hahhha..LOVE THIS...omg thanks for doing all that research...supergirl was like my favorite movie of my childhood..

  2. OMG I'd fogotten about Supergirl...loved her when I was young, a comic for girls was so awesome. Remember feeling empowered by Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Liked them so much better than princesses who relied on men for their identity and security. Thanks for reminding me of a part of my childhood.