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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Blondes Night Out!

You may ask yourself: Is the old phrase "blondes have more fun" really true? Well last night it sure felt that way!! At least for me and my friends.....

The first highlight of my day was that it was the beginning of New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. I found myself backstage at the tents in Bryant Park for the Rosa Chá fashion show. Rosa Chá is a bathing suit line from Brazil, and there is usually a TON of airbrush body glimmer and shine involved.  The look was of course beachy, clean, simple and beautiful. Flawless skin, a flush of petal pink blush, some golden chartreuse shimmer shadow on the lid and a clear salmon lip gloss.


Lash Out! 

 NEVER go to the beach without a turban!


Always accessorize a bikini!
 Ebony and Ivory!

Retro onesie! 
Sunglasses should always match!

Now that work was out of the way...it was time to enjoy the other perk of Fashion Week: the parties! My friend, the fabulous Amanda Lepore was having a party to celebrate Fashion's Night Out and the launch of her stunning fragrance, Amanda. The party was thrown at possibly the most glamourous beauty salon, Wonderland Beauty Parlor and there was lots of free cherry flavored vodka for all! Coincidently, the same German TV crew that did a piece on Lady Starlight back in May and who were in town filming her for a follow up segment were at the party! They interviewed me about Amanda as a transgendered Icon, being beautiful, blonde, and fabulous, my outfit AND I got to plug my blog! WORD!

As long as there is neon lighting involved, I'm happy!

 Amanda Lepore poses with her fragrance at Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Glamour is her middle name!

A beauty parlor with pink haired mermaid dolls as an art instillation? YES!

Amanda Lepore's fragrance at Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Mandy's intoxicating perfume. Check out the Swarovski crystal encrusted bottle. 
The best part: Cristal champagne is one of the fragrance notes! glaMOUR!

 Darian Darling and Amanda Lepore pose at Wonderland Beauty Parlor, NYC
Don't we look pretty!

  I found my soul mate! A Sagittarius AND we had matching His and Hers studded Christian Louboutin's!!

Chandelier Lust!

 Darian Darling and painter/artist Kevin Baker at Wonderland Beauty Parlor, NYC
 Me and my lovely date Kevin. Always get your shoes in the shot, ladies!
Amanda Lepore and Darian Darling touch up their makeup in a mirror at Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Mirror, mirror on the wall. who's the blondest ones of all?

This wallpaper makes me want to die it's so good!!

 Pretty in PINK!

 Amanda Lepore and Darian Darling pose at Wonderland Beauty Parlor, NYC
 We blondes have to stick together!

After the cherry vodka ran dry,  I jumped in a cab and headed to Lady Starlight's party Rock Disco at Savalas in Williamsburg. Over the course of the summer, this has been my Thursday night hangout. Good friends, amazing looks, and frozen margaritas!
Heavy Metal DJ Lady Starlight at Rock Disco in Williamsburg
Miss Lady DJ!

Breedlove, Alex Magnetic, Darian Darling and DARA!!!

Darian Darling and Alex Magnetic at Lady Starlight's party Rock Disco, Williamsburg 
Alex Magnetic=gorgey!

Darian Darling and Alex Magnetic at Lady Starlight's party Rock Disco, Williamsburg
I've been known to suffer from bouts of spontaneous go-go dancing!  

Lady Starlight, Darian Darling and Alex Magnetic at Lady Starlight's party Rock Disco, Williamsburg
Pour some sugar on US!!

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  1. I forgot about this(woo alcohol!). I loved how BREEDLOVE was such the photographer! "Use those leg muscles!" It was a fun night!
    I have more pictures that I have to upload. I'm so lazy.