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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glam secrets to keep blonde hair bright and shiny!

"If I only have one life to live, let me live it as a blonde!" said the infamous 60's Clairol commercial. I'd have to agree. I have been EVERY shade of blonde: platinum blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, vanilla blonde, frosted blonde, lemon blonde. There is something so dazzling and magical about bleach. Sometimes you bleach your hair till it burns, a small price to pay for this much glamour. But as any blonde knows....bad things can happen to your blonde. Go swimming in a pool and you're green, move somewhere with hard water and your mane is orange, overdose on Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo and you're lavender! It's a dangerous world out there. To combat these evils, I have a few secret weapons I need to share with the family......

 Blondes Weekly Brightener by Malibu Wellness

I actually found out about this product from Lady GaGa and it changed my life. In March 2009, Lady Starlight and I went to visit her in Boston while she was on the Fame Ball Tour. When we arrived she was getting her hair did and she gave me a few packets to try. This stuff is amazing! It 's a Vitamin C enriched powder that dissolves into a gel in the palms of your hands forming a rich lathering treatment. It brightens your blonde, removes and prevents hard water mineral build-up, restores color and shine, improves hair texture and makes your hair bounce.

Buy it now at Malibu Wellness.

Born Blonde Semi-Permanent Toner by Clairol

I have been using this product since the mid-90's and LOVE IT!!! It contains no ammonia or peroxide, and since you don't need any developer it doesn't damage your hair. It's a sheer color glaze that gives your hair a subtle color boost and leaves your hair bouncy, shiny and soft. It comes in several shades but I prefer Silent Snow which has a violet base and takes out all the yellow. It gives my pale blonde hair an almost pearlized look. When your hair is freshly bleached you can also use the Born Blonde Color Balance Crystals which removes peroxide residue left in the hair, conditions and helps hold the color.

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