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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Barbie Suite @ The Palms in Vega$!

The next time I'm in VEGA$.... I want to stay at the Barbie Suite at The Palms!! This real life Dream House was designed by interior decorator Jonathan Adler to celebrate Barbie's 50th Anniversary in 2009. It's really the ultimate girlie-glam bachelorette pad, perfect for the wildest Vega$ debAAuchery imaginable. Featuring over 2,350 square feet, 50 person party capacity and room to sleep 8, the delectable suite's amenities include a two way fireplace, full bar, steam shower and jacuzzi! The price? Only $4000 a night! For that much I expect Ken to be naked and waiting for me.....

The suite features lots of custom Barbie pop artwork.

Black vinyl is SO classy!

Corset that Barbie print fabric!

Life in's fantastic! 

Mirror mirror.....Oh, is that all?

You can never have enough Lucite furniture!

The Master bedroom.

Pink velvet everything, please!


The powder room. I love the metallic wallpaper.

I would at least expect a pink toilet!

A stripper pole in the shower? Why not?