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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor!

 Blonde Beauty Icon Jackie Taylor

 Who's my favorite blonde MILF? Why none other that Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor, Kelly Taylor's drunken, cokehead ex-fashion model mom on Beverly Hills 90210! Her character first appeared in 1990 during the 1st season in an episode titled Perfect Mom, in which she was prone to late night booze binges and got caught doing blow at West Beverly High's mother/daughter fashion show! She was a model for fictional design house Farley in the 70's but turned into an alcoholic mom in the midst of a mid-life crisis! Luckily she was a functioning addict and was an epic LA fashionista; her looks involved lot's of sheer black hosiery, shoulder padded bolero jackets, leather mini skirts, french cut swimsuits, bedazzled bustiers, jumbo jeweled clip-on know, 1990's finest! She ended up going to rehab once, was married 3 times, relapsed even more....what a PERFECT mom!

Just a gold fringe bikini and a pitcher of vodka!

MILF on a date!

Bejeweled! WHAT is that earring?!

Gold chain bustier!!! Get that clip-on ON, girl!

Even passed out drunk in her workout wear she's FABULOUS!

What one wears to do bumps in the bathroom of your teenage daughters high school!

What to wear when going to rehab? A black jumpsuit and ankle boots! Duh!

Juicy Fruit

Get into those earrings! Why do I have a feeling she wore Exclamation to match her outfit?

The infamous mother/daughter fashion show in question!

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