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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Boy Toy Madonna!

Blonde Beauty Icon Boy Toy Madonna

Of all the looks Madonna has featured over the last 28 years, none have been as important or had as much impact on culture as her original Boy Toy look circa 1983-1985. After years as a struggling artist on the L.E.S, pimping out her demo to any club DJ that would listen, she was finally signed to a small singles deal with Sire Records in 1982. During this time, Madonna lived on e4th St and Ave C in seedy and dangerous "Alphabet City" and hung out with a clique of graffiti artists that would soon become darlings of the art world; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Futura 2000 etc. They christened her with the tag name "Boy Toy" and she began spraying it all over town. When she released her first two dance club singles, “Everybody” and “Burning Up”, they were successful enough to warrant the creation of a whole album, self titled MADONNA in 1983.

Madonna's first promo shoot, 1982

Madonna's look at this point was typical starving artist; a mish-mash of thrift store finds and hand me downs from friends. Now that she was going to release a full album, Madonna called in a friend from the club scene for style help. That friend was Maripol, a French fashion stylist and jewelry designer who was also the art director for the hip Italian boutique Fiorucci.  With Maripol's help, Madonna burst onto the music scene with a look that was soon to be copied by teenage girls EVRYWHERE: rubber bracelets, rosary beads and bangles, crucifix earrings, lacey hair bows and frilly lingerie. A key to the look was using colors that clashed rather that match, as well as the lack of symmetry; NEVER wear the same earring on both ears! 

Madonna and Maripol
Madonna released her second album in 1984, titled LIKE A VIRGIN and it, along with the title track, became one of the biggest hits of her entire career, reaching number one, and put her in the spotlight. Her performance of the song at the first MTV Video Music Awards, during which she writhed on the stage wearing the Maripol-styled combination bustier/wedding gown, lacy stockings and garters and her then-trademark "Boy Toy" belt, was the first of several public displays that boosted Madonna's fan base and created a ton of controversy. 

 Madonna Wannabes

Due to this success, Maripol opened her own jewelry store Maripolitan, and launched the official Madonna line of jewelry and accessories. These items were sold at Madonna's Virgin Tour in 1985, as well as in Macy's on 34th St, in a section of the store called Madonnaland, built to capitalize on this new teenage trend! By 1986, Madonna shocked the world by completely re-inventing her image, the first of many style changes that would become her trademark....but I think her Boy Toy look will always be my favorite!

Graffiti Denim!

Coral eye shadow!




That eyeshadow choice is...interesting!

My favorite makeup look!

Frosted purple lipstick...why not?


My favorite Madonna song from my favorite Madonna movie, which made me want to move to NYC.

Pretty in Pink!

That Keith Haring skirt got A LOT of use!


Black lips!


A great look at Madonna Wannabe's in their natural habitat!



fun with weaves!

This interview with Dick Clark at the end of her performance of Holiday on American Bandstand is LEGENDARY!! I think she lived up to her word!

Award winning fun!

feeling blue

Bite down!

Madonna's first performance of her debut single Everybody in 1982! You can really see how much her look evolved.

...and here's ME giving my best Boy Toy look circa 2005! Oh, and peep the Maripol chunky rhinestone bracelet! Madonna is wearing it in like half the photo's above!


  1. i'm so in love with this madonna era<3 she's such a babe!

  2. madonna is hand down the most iconic and influential female pop star the world has ever or will ever see! period. shes inspired EVERY female pop star-from kylie to britney to gaga and everyone in between! there will never be another madonna!