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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NYC's Filthy Family; The Precious Empire!

I'm pleased to announce that Semi Precious Weapons' Justin Tranter has volunteered to be a guest blogger on!!! I constantly refer to The Precious Empire in my posts so for those that are confused by that reference, here is the filthy cast of NYC superstars that hold court....

The Precious Empire
by Justin Tranter

I have been honored to slowly but surely meet some life changing insane people who live and die by the non-rules of filthy glaMOUR and Dirty Fucking Showbiz. As a gorgeous gang we hope inspire sex, music, art, gender issues, and love. Thank the baby J we found each other. 

Justin Tranter

Frontman of SPW, songwriter,  jewelry designer, genderless sea creature.

Official Website
SPW on Twitter

The SPW Boys
Stevy Pyne-guitar   Cole Whittle-bass   Dan Crean-drums

Musicians, writers, insane people.

Lady Starlight

Film maker, DJ, performance artist, makeup artist, and queen of NYC rock'N roll.

Lady Starlight's Rock'N Roll High School
Lady Starlight on Twitter

Darian Darling

Muse, writer, makeup artist, visual artist, blogger, slut.

Darian Darling; A Guide to Life for Modern Blondes
Darian Darling on Twitter


Musician, performer, makeup artist, weirdo.

Official Website
Breedlove on Twitter


SPW's visual director, model, actor, muse.

The Daughters
The Jocelyn        Alex Magnetic

Joce: Actress and muse.
Alex: Writer and muse.

The Jocelyn on Twitter
Alex Magnetic on Twitter

Jenny Brown

 Librarian, makeup artist, visual artist, and burlesque queen.

 Jenny Brown on Twitter
Platinum Ann

Actress, muse, writer.

 Perry Edwards

Violinist and co-owner of Fetty Jewelry.

Fetty of Brooklyn
Fetty Jewelry on Twitter
Perry Edwards on Twitter

Krista Davies

Writer, genius, and mad scientist.

Rex'n'Roll Dot Com
Krista Davies on Twitter

Jeffrey McCrann

Actor, writer, executive. 
Faggoty Ass Horror
Jeffrey McCrann on Twitter

The Alter Boys
 Roy Caires      Tommy Cole

Tommy: Photographer, designer, co-owner of Alter.
Roy: Designer, co-owner of Alter.

Jordan Holberg

Graphic designer, visual artist, web president.

Jordan Holberg on Twitter

Lady GaGa 

Our filthy little sister and fairy godmother all wrapped into one beautiful popstar.

Official Website
Lady GaGa on Twitter


  1. Omg, I want to meet you all...

    Peace, Love and PreciousEmpire! **

  2. Love the links. I suspect major time wastage in my future...