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Friday, June 25, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Farrah Fawcett!

Blonde Beauty Icon Farrah Fawcett

Today is the one year anniversary of Farrah Fawcett's untimely death. What better way to pay my respects than to celebrate her contribution to the wonderful world of haircare and glamOUR?! She was discovered in 1968, during her sophomore year at college, when a Hollywood publicist saw her photo in a "Ten Most Beautiful Coeds" pictorial in Cashbox magazine. She quickly moved from Texas to LA and began a modeling career, appearing in numerous TV commercials and print ads including Noxzema shaving cream, Wella Balsam shampoo and the 1975 Mercury Cougar. She quickly began accepting acting roles, playing supporting roles on TV shows like I Dream of Jeannie and The Six Million Dollar Man (which starred her then husband Lee Majors).

She is of course most fondly remembered for her role as the glamorous private detective Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels. Jill was the sporty and athletic Angel, and spent most episodes running around LA in tight t-shirts, no bra with nipples! Farrah's nipples caused such a scandal on network television that the wardrobe department was instructed to cover them with tape. Even more popular than her perky nips was her iconic feathered hairstyle, which women across the world copied en masse. In years prior, women's hairstyles were either meticulously styled and shellacked with hairspray or ironed stick straight and parted down the middle. When Farrah appeared on the scene, there were wings and layers and  "effortless" movement; it always seemed like she had a high powered fan pointed at her at all times!

Farrah shocked the world (and producer Aaron Spelling) when she abruptly quit the series after only one season. An intense legal battle ensued and as part of her settlement, Farrah was forced to return for six guest appearances over seasons three and four of the series. She went on to star in films and TV movies of the week, but she will ALWAYS be Jill to me!


Get into this "clean", 70's "natural" beat!!

 This is the only style of champagne glass to drink from! Fuck a flute!

Flippy Curls!

 Photo: Francesco Scavullo 
Makeup: Way Bandy

with Cheryl Ladd

BANG! You're dead.

Cougar glaMOUR!!

 Sporty Spice


Boys all love her!

Farrah kicks massive quantities of ass and yet her hair stays perfect! BTW...WHERE did she pull that gun from?!


Say Cheese!

Farrah by Faberge!

When they make a doll of know you've arrived! Too bad it looks like a busted tranny hooker. :(


The Money $hot!

VERY Helmut Newton/Eyes of Laura Mars

...of all the Angels, Jill had the coolest car!!

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