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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Elke Maravilha!

Blonde Beauty Icon Elke Maravilha

Is everyone in the mood for some blonde import  glaMOUR? Feast your eyes on Brazilian bombshell and TV personality Elke Maravilha!! Born to Russian and German parents, her family emigrated to Brazil when Elke was 6. She worked as a bank clerk, a secretary and as a librarian before being discovered and pursuing a modeling career. Famous for her eccentric fashion choices, she quickly started working as an actress and presenter on Brazilian TV in the 1970's.  Her performance as the madame of a brothel in the 1986 miniseries Memórias de um Gigolô (Memories of a Gigolô) earned her the title of  "godmother" to the Association of  Prostitutes of Rio De Janeiro (yes, that really exists)!! Now, I'm not trying to start rumors BUT in my research I have deduced that she may very well be transgendered (she's sometimes called "he" and is also lovingly referred to as "it" on her Brazilian Wikipedia [rude])!! Is Elke the Brazilian Amanda Lear?! Dubious gender = win!

Subtle contour sitch!

Can we talk about the placement of this eyeshadow???

A curl story.


Hollywood Smile

Snake Eyes


Just a quick clown nose.

Boa Beauty.

Look at THAT brow bone!!!

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  1. Hiii Darian, I loved this post about Elke Maravilha !! I'm from Brazil and it makes me soo happy to hear that she is somehow an Inspiration to you, because she is to me as well !!!

    Love you blog !!