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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Taylor Momsen!

Blonde Beauty Icon Taylor Momsen

I must preface this post by saying that I really didn't know much about Taylor Momsen before I started researching her. She's a teen star on the CW show Gossip Girl (which I have never seen), a model signed to IMG, and is the lead singer in an alt.rock/post-grunge band The Pretty Reckless, which have recently been signed to Interscope. In any case, I have seen many photos of her and her look is too damn good to be true! I am pretty much obsessed! She's basically every glamorous rock'N roll blonde I've ever wanted to look like, all rolled up into one underage package! She sites Debbie Harry, Cherie Currie and Courtney Love as her style influences....and since they've all been super inspirational to my look as could I not feature her?! Her band (from what I've heard so far) is actually really good, much harder than what you would expect from a teen idol, and the juxtaposition of a 16 year old singer in a garder belt and ripped stockings, backed by a band who's members all look like 45 year old murderers is really fucking awesome! Adding to her credit is the fact that she's a fan of my NYC BFF's Semi Precious Weapons! For being so young...she has great taste! Just one question; is it acceptable for a 30 year old to cite 16 year old jailbait as a style muse?

I love leather hotpants!

 It's time for ALL of this!

THAT WEAVE?!?! A girl after my own heart!

Love it!



A beanie, sheer hosiery and fuck me pumps! YESSSS!!

It really IS all about a flannel AS a dress! 

Hahaha! Genius!

Leopard Love!

She's 16!


For a second I thought it was me?!

This is V Warhol Polaroids!

I LOVE a 16 year old in a studded leather bustier!

The slashed stockings take it there.

Pretty Reckless


  1. I love her look too!! I have just made a post about Jenny...
    Come to see

  2. She played "Cindi Loo Who" in "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" movie with Jim Carey.

  3. Love Taylor!! Have you seen pics from her 16th birthday? Pretty sure that was the moment I fell in love with her style:

  4. Taylor is IT! She's absolutely gorgeous, talented, unique, and her style?! I bow down to that bitch. Fab post. xx

  5. She's actually someone close to my age that I look up to style wise- unlike all the teeny bopper disney channel princesses (gag).