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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lady GaGa's NEW Masterpiece ALEJANDRO!

I was lucky enough to get an advance screening of this EPIC video a few nights ago and my response to her, after gasps of amazement and wringing out my underwear was "Girl, you've won!"....and she definitely has!! The video, which was directed by the fashion photographer Steven Klein, features my girl GaGa paying tribute to everything from early 90's Madonna to religious horror films to erotic nuns to Siouxsie-esque goth glaMOUR, all while sporting a Joanna Lumley circa The New Avengers bowl cut! Genius! I'm amazed at how she continues to top herself with each new video! Go, girl....GO!


  1. well she won!! She is a genius, this mix of religion sex nuns war

  2. i thought that bowlcut looked familiar! amazing. gaga really has outdone herself with this video, there is so many references in this i could pick out just like you have, i'm glad you mentioned the joanna lumley hairstyle though, i was trying to remember where i'd seen it all day!!

  3. In England, that haircut is still called the "Purdy" after Lumley's character...created by Vidal Sassoon, too.