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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Cherie and Marie Currie

 Blonde Beauty Icons Cherie and Marie Currie

With the new bio-pic on 70's all-girl teenage rock band The Runaways now in theaters, a younger generation has been introduced to the blonde beauty that is Cherie Currie! After Cherie left the band in 1977, she released a solo pop/rock record called Beauty's Only Skin Deep in 1978. When the album proved unsuccessful, Cherie decided to join forces with her TWIN sister Marie Currie and they released a hard rock album Messin' With the Boys in 1980. Cherie's look by herself was already epic....adding her twin to the mix sent it over the top! Feathered hair, lots of lipgloss and matching outfits? Genius!

Disco Pants are a wardrobe staple!!

Double your pleasure with plaid!



 Twin Love!


 Japan LOVES a blonde!


Marie and Cherie with Vicki Razor Blade (center)

Black vinyl needs to be incorporated into every baseball teams uniforms!

Sosososo 79!


 Just a subtle layer story!

Twin Cherry

It doesn't get any better than this!

Lady Marmalade

Feather it!

 Oil Sheen!

Nothing beats the real thing, baby!


  1. I LOVE them!!! I love that 70s look. Cherie is both cute, girly, cool AND badass and boyish. She's this amazing combo. I'll always love her and The Runaways forever :)))

  2. Wonderful stuff, many pix I had never seen before. Next question, what ever happened to Vicki Razor Blade??