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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lil' Blonde Darling: Alison Goldfrapp!

Blonde Beauty Icon Alison Goldfrapp

Since I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of their new album Head First, I thought it was a perfect time to do a feature on electro-chanteuse Alison Goldfrapp! She started her career in music as a vocalist for popular UK electronica/trip-hop artists like Obital and Tricky in the mid 90's. After meeting composer and multi-instrumentalist Will Gregory, Alison decided to form an electronica duo with him, simply titled Goldfrapp in 1999. They're known for mixing lush orchestral instruments with the electronic crunch of vintage equipment like synthesizers, vocoders and the theremin,  as well as Alison's unearthly crystalline vocals and lyrics, visual theatrics and glam-sex decadence. With an eclectic range of musical influences, they have consistently changed their direction and style with the release of each album, mixing old-school glamour, '60s pop, cabaret, and ambient trip-hop with glam-rock inspired electroclash, late 70's/early 80's Eurodisco, New Wave and folk rock. Goldfrapp's most successful commercial release was the 2005 synthpop infused Supernature, which peaked at #2 on the UK charts, received international acclaim and achieved platinum status. Believing that music should be a visual experience, Alison art directs the entire project; from the album artwork to her eccentric taste in fashion.  A Goldfrapp visual staple is the mixture of plasticine glam rock aesthetics with animalistic imagery, surrealism, nature and mythology....oh, and clowns! I have had the pleasure of seeing her perform twice and am always blown away, not only with her fashion choices but also her vocal ability. She is truly one of the few artists who actually sounds just as good live, if not BETTER than on the album! What a rarity!

You can't tell.....but there is fringe involved! Mkaaaayyyy!

....reaching for my curling iron as we speak!

This reminds me of my 4th birthday party!

Drop your tab of acid NOW!

Hot girls with animal heads. © Goldfrapp


...just a gold wedge sitch!

Watch her go to town with the Theremin at the end of this performance! Freaky bitch!

Owl City

Have Synth. Will Travel.

Glam Rock Grrrrrrl

Naughty Nighties

Satin Chic


Disco Clown

If T.Rex did electro.

Harley Quinn

1974 wants it's brows back....oh wait...there are NO brows! YES!

A Guy Bourdin tribute!


....and just because!

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  1. that performance with the theremin is awesome! i think strict machine is definitely one of my life anthems.