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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glamour Choice: The Little Black Beret!

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Ask any fashionista and she'll tell you that a Little Black Dress is a wardrobe staple. While I thoroughly agree, I also think a Little Black Beret is a fashion necessity! Stylistically it's completely diverse, conjuring up images of Parisienne ingenues, beatnik existentialists, soldiers in Special Military Forces or even downtown bohemian artists. It's also been a glaMOUR choice for many blondes throughout the years, and adds a touch of romance to any outfit. The most famous beret reference is of course Faye Dunaway, who wore one as 1930's outlaw Bonnie Parker in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. Luckily this little accessory never seems to go out of style and is always in vogue. I have featured a beret in my style arsenal for years and it's become an unofficial trademark of mine. The circular flat shape can be sporty and viva la résistance when worn facing forward or sassy when slouched and jauntily tipped to the side; when pulled down to cover all or part of the forehead, it's more dramatic. Whether you choose one in felt or mohair, sequined or studded....just get one! Oui oui.

Marilyn Monroe

Brigitte Bardot

Faye Dunaway

Candy Darling

Debbie Harry 

Jerrica Benton


 Alicia Silverstone

 Kate Moss

 Darian Darling

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