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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barbie®: The Blonde Collection

The Blonde Collection, a dream-worthy line of high end luxury Barbie inspired items from Mattel launched today. Featuring many one-of-a-kind pieces created by top designers, this glamorously kitschy collection is right up my alley! The highlight of the collection are 3 custom Barbie dolls designed by NYC fashion duo The Blonds. I've known David and Phillipe for years and have worked as a makeup artist on many of their fashion shows. Since Phillipe's Barbie doll obsession parallels my own, I know this is a dream come true for him. So magical and exciting! Truly a match made in BLOND heaven.

 (L) Phillipe and David Blond as Barbie and Ken.  (R) A model at The Blonds' Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show.

 Below are some of my favorite items in The Blonde Collection. Anyone thinking about what to get me for Xmas can look no further! ;)

 One of a kind!

For a mere $10, 000 you can buy a hand-crafted and made to order Barbie inspired corset by The Blonds as seen at their Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show!

 Sealed with a golden kiss: A golden embossed leather, suede lined clutch which is a life sized reproduction of the one than came with Barbie's Silken Flame outfit in 1960.

Locks of light: A hand-crafted chandelier created by Project Runway’s Chris March, made from Barbie's signature ponytail (or Blond Ambition Madonna's)! A bit too kitschy (even for me)...but hysterical!

Pink up the party: A set of 4 glossy tumblers and matching serving tray!

Haute hair: a Barbie T3 Featherweight ionic blow dryer with T3's Tourmaline SoftAire™ flow system!!! MUST HAVE!

Doll-ars and cents: a screen printed wallet with retro Barbie illustration!

Hair today...GLAM tomorrow: custom made acrylic Barbie bangles

Your so Vanity (I bet you think this set is about you): gold plated and enamel mirror and brush vanity set!

 Blonde vision: a wrapped canvas print of retro Barbie!


  1. aHHH! I want all of these, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your blog, but I want wondering how to get super shiny blonde hair like the picture you have with Phillipe and David Blond? I loke their shiny blonde hair, do you have any idea what products they use on their hair to make it that shiny? Thank you!