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Friday, January 6, 2012

Darian Darling's Make-Up

Darian Darling by Veronica iBarra

People always ask me "Darian, how do you always look flawless and amazing?" (I'm not being cocky...they actually do). I always reply that it takes a lot of time, effort and skill to look the way I do every day. I don't roll out of bed looking like a glamazon (sadly). Luckily, I have been wearing the same makeup look since I was 15 so I have it down to a science (It only takes me about 35 minutes).

 Darian Darling by Veronica iBarra

I was doing my makeup last night in my pretty pink bathrobe and thought it would be interesting to photograph myself after each step of my signature bombshell makeup look. I put them in a video so you can see my transformation from fresh faced (and kinda plain) to full beat (and high glaMOUR). Ah, the wonders of makeup.

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  1. Absolutely love that you're blogging more frequently. Ready for more hunny...!