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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A NYC Night....with BLONDIE!

 Last night was another magical NYC evening! My hunky BFF Tommy Hottpants and the stunning Miss Guy invited me to go see one of my favorite bands, Blondie. They are currently on the North American leg of their Endangered Species Tour, which is promoting their soon to be released album Panic of Girls. Their set was a perfect blend of all the classic hits mixed with some of their killer new tracks....and a few covers. Debbie Harry is a rock'n roll goddess, a NYC icon and a fucking blonde legend! She's 65, still looks amazing and sounds AWESOME! She's always been a singer that really delivers live and doesn't disappoint with her vocals. I scored some sweet VIP All Access passes for my collection and had a fabulous time.



NYC Rock'N Roll

...and your heart beats like a subway train.


Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love. Roll me in designer sheets, I never get enough

....and if the concert wasn't good enough, there was also the afterparty! Duh! Thrown at the Hudson Hotel (a place where I always seem to be these days), the party was NYC star studded and full of glaMOUR. Miss Guy and NYC drag legend The Lady Bunny DJ'ed, I got wasted, kiki'ed with Debbie, had impromptu photo shoots in the bathroom, lived, dreamed, won. You know, just another casual night out for Darian Darling.


Atomic Blondes!

 Parallel Lines

The Lady Bunny

I ♥ Miss Guy

Heart of Glass

Me and NYC nightlife icons Miss Guy, The Lady Bunny and Susanne Bartsch


Just a casual nip. (obvs I've been hanging out with The Jocelyn too much.)

Stairway to Heaven

The always stunning Kelle Calco



Darian Darling and Debbie Harry
Dreaming is free!

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  1. Damn Debbie Harry looks fucking 25!!! Totally loving your dress!!

  2. I think i just fell in love with your blog!