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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NEW Semi Precious Weapons video "Look At Me"

Here is the latest video from my boys Semi Precious Weapons, Look At Me, off their major label debut album You Love You. I worked on the video as the key makeup artist. It features not only the band (Justin, Cole, Dan and Stevy) but also fellow Precious Empire member The Jocelyn, as well as the gorgeous Krista Ayne. We shot it in January 2010, during the same week the videos for Semi Precious Weapons AND Magnetic Baby were filmed! Oh, and also during SPW/GaGa's 4 shows at Radio City Music Hall! Talk about a busy week. It was filmed on location at a seedy motel in New Jersey, coincidently called the Starlite Motel (Lady Starlight couldn't be with us, but Breedlove was in attendance). It's an amazing, filthy, cliché motel with heart shaped whirlpool bathtubs, coin operated vibrating round beds, tacky carpet, the works! It's genius! 

As you can see in this behind the scenes photo, Breedlove got into the spirit of things by skinny dipping in the heart shaped tub!

“Our concept was really fucking simple; have me sit on the bed of a dirty motel room, while two stunning people are making love. Kind of like I'm the narrator of their sex — but making sure it all looks as real, honest and beautiful as the song is.” - Justin Tranter on his inspiration for the video concept.

 Nude Outdoor Fog in 30°F weather! Suffer for your glaMOUR!

Since this ballad is quite a departure from their usual filthy party rock style, Justin wanted that difference reflected in the makeup looks as well. His beauty routine is usually much more intense and glamorous, so I kept the makeup very soft and raw by using taupe and peach cream shadows and highlighters, a bit of brown mascara and some lip balm. This showcased his natural beauty and complimented the tenderness of the song, as well as the unkempt, steamy filthiness of the location. I replicated the same look on the girls as well, though with all the action on the bed and the humid temperature of the room, they could barely keep in on!

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  1. I really noticed Justin's lashes in this the strong lower lash on him!