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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madonna's Material Girl Collection!

Will all teenage girls start dressing like rock'N roll whores? HELL YES, if Madonna has anything to say about it. Macy's recently debuted their new Juniors line Material Girl, "designed" by Madonna and her daughter Lola and named after the Queen of Pop's 1985 #2 hit single. If that wasn't good enough, they got rock'N roll teen tart Taylor Momsen to be the spokesperson! Huge win! The line actually looks really hot and is MUCH better than Madonna's previous collaborations with H&M in 2006/2007 (remember that tracksuit?). The line seems like the perfect fusion of Madonna's classic mid-80's Boy Toy look; frills, lace, beads and bangles with Taylor Momsen's brand of neo-grunge glaMOUR; flannel shirts, studded leather, floral print baby-doll dresses and acid washed denim. I mean, ANY fashion collection aimed at teenage girls that contains a spandex bra top is fine with me. Will I be featuring any of it? Well, I haven't checked out the line in person yet (and the fact that being 30 and buying clothes marketed to 16 year old's would sorta make me feel like a douchebag)...but we'll see. As Madonna said "I have no shame! I'm on FIRE!".

Sheer hosiery and a combat boot! YESSS!!!

Beads and a bra top!


Sometimes you just need a peplum.

This flannel contains LACE! Wow.

"It's not complicated. It's dressing in layers. It's not looking like you took too much time thinking about what you're wearing."-Madonna on the Material Girl Collection

Who's that girl?

Burning Up!

Just a quick cut-off.

Causing a commotion!

Madonna getting "hands on" at the Material Girl shoot. Moon in Virgo rears its ugly head! ;) 

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  1. I love the boots, the leather jacket and the tartan jacket. She's prett fierce. The only disheartening thing about it after looking at the pictures of Taylor is that hardly any of us teenagers would be able to pull those looks off as well as she does!